About Assam HSLC 2020

High School Leaving Certification Examination (HSLC) of Assam are conducted by Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). Assam HSLC exams are held in the month of March every year and the application process is held in the month of November through respective schools. Students who have passed class 9 are eligible for Assam HSLC 2020 exams. Here is the overview of Assam HSLC exams 2020:
Latest: SEBA HSLC result 2020 is to be released in the third week of May 2020. Check result details now.

  • Assam 10th exams 2020 are conducted for Maths, English, Social Science, Hindi, Assamese and General Science subjects.
  • SEBA has released the Assam HSLC 2020 routine on December 3, 2019.
  • The exams has been commenced from February 10, 2020. The last exam will be organized on February 29, 2020.  
  • Approximately 3 lakh students will appear for the SEBA HSLC exams. 
  • The Assam HSLC exams are conducted in two sessions – Morning (9 am to 12 noon) and Afternoon (1.30 pm to 4.30 pm). 
  • One of the best ways to prepare for Assam 10th exams is solving the last years' question papers or sample papers available. 
  • It helps students to know about important aspects of Assam HSLC syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, types of questions, and difficulty level of the SEBA HSLC exam. 
  • Students can check their results by entering their number and roll number.

Assam HSLC 2020 Highlights

Full Exam Name Assam High School Leaving Certificate Examination
Short Exam Name Assam HSLC
Conducting Body Board of Secondary Education, Assam
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level Matriculate
Languages Arabic, Assamese +4 More
Mode of Application Offline
Mode of Exam Offline
Exam Duration 3 Hours

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Assam HSLC 2020 Important Dates

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Past Dates and Events

29 Feb, 2020

Exam - Wood Craft, Retail Trades, IT/ITES, Private Security, Health Care, Agriculture and horticulture, Tourism and hospitality | Mode: Offline

28 Feb, 2020

Exam - MIL/ English | Mode: Offline

25 Feb, 2020

Exam - General Mathematics | Mode: Offline

22 Feb, 2020

Exam - General Science | Mode: Offline

20 Feb, 2020

Exam - Fiqh & Aqualad, Weaving and Textile Design | Mode: Offline

17 Feb, 2020

Exam - Social Science | Mode: Offline

15 Feb, 2020

Exam - Assamese | Mode: Offline

14 Feb, 2020

Exam - Hindi (E), Arabic Literature | Mode: Offline

13 Feb, 2020

Exam - Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Advanced Mathematics, History, Geography, Home Science, Nepali, Computer Science | Mode: Offline

12 Feb, 2020

Exam - Manipuri, Bodo, Santhali, Bengali | Mode: Offline

11 Feb, 2020

Exam - Music, Dance, Garment Designing, Fine Art | Mode: Offline

10 Feb, 2020

Exam - English | Mode: Offline

22 Jan, 2020

Exam - Practical exam (Wood Craft, Weaving and Textile Design, Dance, Retail Trades, IT/ITES, Private Security, Health Care, Agriculture and horticulture, Tourism and hospitality, Home Science) | Mode: Offline

21 Jan, 2020

Exam - Practical exam (Computer Science, Fine Art, Garment designing, Music) | Mode: Offline


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Assam HSLC 2020 Eligibility Criteria

A student will have to meet some eligibility conditions to appear for Assam HSLC exams 2020. Here are the major eligibility criteria of Assam HSLC 2020:  

  • A student must have cleared 9th standard and studying the 10th standard from a SEBA affiliated school in order to be eligible for Assam HSLC exam. 
  • They also need to fulfil the minimum attendance criteria in class 10th as specified by the Assam Board.
  • Only students whose application for the exam are accepted by the board and have received the admit card will be allowed to write the SEBA HSLC exam.

Assam HSLC 2020 Application Process

Mode of Application : Offline

Mode of Payment : Other

  • The application process for Assam 10th exams is started the month of November. 
  • Students can apply for SEBA HSLC exams 2020 by filling in the application form through respective schools.
  • They also need to pay the required examination fees to apply successfully for Assam HSLC 2020.
  • Students who belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) category need not pay any examination fee except the centre fee.
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Bodo: Unit 01
Bodo: Unit 02
Bodo: Unit 03
Bodo: Unit 04
Bodo: Unit 05
Extensive reading
Bodo: Unit 06


Manipuri: Unit 01
Manipuri: Unit 02
Manipuri: Unit 03
Extensive reading
Manipuri: Unit 04


Khasi: Unit 01
Khasi: Unit 02
Khasi: Unit 03
Rapid reader
Khasi: Unit 04
Grammar and composition


Garo: Unit 01
Garo: Unit 02
Garo: Unit 03
Rapid reader
Garo: Unit 04
Garo: Unit 05
Garo: Unit 06
Essay writing


Hmar: Unit 01
Hmar: Unit 02
Hmar: Unit 03
Extensive reading
Hmar: Unit 04
Hmar: Unit 05
Hmar: Unit 06


Mizo: Unit 01
Mizo: Unit 02
Mizo: Unit 03
Mizo: Unit 04
Mizo: Unit 05
Mizo: Unit 06
Mizo: Unit 07
Mizo: Unit 08
Rapid reading


Urdu: Unit 01
Urdu: Unit 02
Urdu: Unit 03
Urdu: Unit 04
Urdu: Unit 05



Sanskrit: Unit 01
Sanskrit: Unit 02
Sanskrit: Unit 03


English: Unit 01
Reading comprehension
English: Unit 02
English: Unit 03
English: Unit 04
English: Unit 05
English: Unit 06
Supplementary reader


English(IL): Unit 01
English(IL): Unit 02
English(IL): Unit 03
English(IL): Unit 04

General science+

General science: Unit 01
Chemical reactions and equations
General science: Unit 02
Acids bases and salts
General science: Unit 03
Metals and non metals
General science: Unit 04
Carbon and its compounds
General science: Unit 05
Periodic classification of elements
General science: Unit 06
Life processes
General science: Unit 07
Control and coordination
General science: Unit 08
How do organisms reproduce
General science: Unit 09
Heridity and evolution
General science: Unit 10
Light-reflection and refraction
General science: Unit 11
Human eye and colourful world
General science: Unit 12
General science: Unit 13
Magnetic effects of electric current
General science: Unit 14
Sources of energy
General science: Unit 15
Our environment
General science: Unit 16
Management of natural resources

General mathematics+

General mathematics: Unit 01
Real numbers
General mathematics: Unit 02
General mathematics: Unit 03
Pair of Linear equations in two variables
General mathematics: Unit 04
Quadratic equations
General mathematics: Unit 05
Arithmetic progression
General mathematics: Unit 06
General mathematics: Unit 07
Co-ordinate geometry
General mathematics: Unit 08
Introduction to trigonometry
General mathematics: Unit 09
Some applications of trigonometry
General mathematics: Unit 10
General mathematics: Unit 11
General mathematics: Unit 12
Areas related to circles
General mathematics: Unit 13
Surface areas and volumes
General mathematics: Unit 14
General mathematics: Unit 15

Social science+

Social science: Unit 01
Partition Bengal, swadeshi movement
Social science: Unit 02
Rise of Gandhi era and his role in freedom movement
Social science: Unit 03
Anti-British uprisings in Assam - agrarian revolutions
Social science: Unit 04
Role of Assam in freedom movement
Social science: Unit 05
Cultural heritage of India and north east
Social science: Unit 06
Economic geography
Social science: Unit 07
Environment and environmental problems
Social science: Unit 08
Geography of the world
Social science: Unit 09
Geography of Assam
Social science: Unit 10
Indian democracy
Social science: Unit 11
International organization - world peace and human rights
Social science: Unit 12
Money and banking
Social science: Unit 13
Economic development



Bengali(E): Unit 01
Bengali(E): Unit 02
Bengali(E): Unit 03

Bodo (E)


Manipuri(E): Unit 01
Manipuri(E): Unit 02
Manipuri(E): Unit 03
Manipuri(E): Unit 04
Manipuri(E): Unit 05
Manipuri(E): Unit 06



Advanced mathematics (E)+

Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 01
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 02
Complex numbers
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 03
Arithmetic of integers
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 04
Quadratic equation
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 05
Application of common logarithm
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 06
Permutation and combination
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 07
Plane trigonometry
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 08
Plane geometry
Advanced mathematics (E): Unit 09
Co-ordinate geometry; straight line

History (E)+

History (E): Unit 01
Growth of imperialism and nationalism
History (E): Unit 02
The first world war
History (E): Unit 03
World between 1919-1939
History (E): Unit 04
The second world war
History (E): Unit 05
The United Nations organization
History (E): Unit 06
Emergence of Asia and Africa in the post II world war period
History (E): Unit 07
Non-alignment movement
History (E): Unit 08
Foreign policy of India

Geography (E)+

Geography (E): Unit 01
Physical geography – geomorphic processes
Geography (E): Unit 02
Environmental geography
Geography (E): Unit 03
Regional geography : concept of region and regional geography of the world
Geography (E): Unit 04
Regional geography of the U.S.A.
Geography (E): Unit 05
Regional geography of Japan
Geography (E): Unit 06
Regional geography of India

Sanskrit (E)+

Sanskrit (E): Unit 01
Sanskrit (E): Unit 02
Textual grammar
Sanskrit (E): Unit 03
Sanskrit (E): Unit 04
Sanskrit (E): Unit 05
Translation from english/assamese into sanskrit or comprehension

Computer science (E)+

Computer science (E): Unit 01
Basic of information technology
Computer science (E): Unit 02
Information processing tools
Computer science (E): Unit 03
Information processing tools and IT applications
Computer science (E): Unit 04
Societal impact of IT

Wood craft (E)+

Wood craft (E): Unit 01
Seasoning of timber purpose of seasoning artificial and natural timbering and their advantages and disadvantages
Wood craft (E): Unit 02
Defects and diseases of timber their causes and remedies
Wood craft (E): Unit 03
Classification of timber, growth of trees, cross section of trunk feeling of tree grain of wood, parts of tree their formation and function
Wood craft (E): Unit 04
Introduction of power tools use in wood craft
Wood craft (E): Unit 05
Machine saw dath machine electric drill machine and machine planer
Wood craft (E): Unit 06
House hold products
Wood craft (E): Unit 07
Door frame and win-door frame,
Wood craft (E): Unit 08
Door cover and window cover, kitchen rack etc
Wood craft (E): Unit 09
Table, chair, bed, tool, almirah
Wood craft (E): Unit 10
Gift product, doll and toys, blind, wall rack, pen stand, file tray
Wood craft (E): Unit 11
Finishing, putin, varnish, painting
Wood craft (E): Unit 12
Market and packing

Music (E)+

Music (E): Unit 01
Vocal and instrument
Music (E): Unit 02

Dance (E)+

Dance (E): Unit 01
Theory common to all Indian classical dance forms
Dance (E): Unit 02
Manipuri dance
Dance (E): Unit 03
Kathak dance
Dance (E): Unit 04
Bharat natyam
Dance (E): Unit 05
Sattriya nritya
Dance (E): Unit 06
Oddissi dance

Fine art (E)+

Fine art (E): Unit 01
The difference between fine arts and crafts and its need in our life and society
Fine art (E): Unit 02
Indian miniature painting
Fine art (E): Unit 03
Modern art in Assam, a historical perspective
Fine art (E): Unit 04
Western art and its history

Textile design and clothing(E)+

Textile design and clothing(E): Unit 01
Making of design folder
Textile design and clothing(E): Unit 02
Study of different traditional design
Textile design and clothing(E): Unit 03
Textile design and clothing(E): Unit 04
Textile design and clothing(E): Unit 05

Garment designing(E)+

Garment designing(E): Unit 01
Pattern layout
Garment designing(E): Unit 02
Study of Indian traditional wears
Garment designing(E): Unit 03
Market survey and analysis of different types of necklines, collars, sleeves, skirts, trousers, shirts

Cane and bamboo technology(E)

Home science (E)+

Home science (E): Unit 01
Food and nutrition
Home science (E): Unit 02
Child-development and family studies
Home science (E): Unit 03
Textiles and clothing
Home science (E): Unit 04
Home management


Santhali(E): Unit 01
Santhali(E): Unit 02
Santhali(E): Unit 03
Santhali(E): Unit 04
Santhali(E): Unit 05
Santhali(E): Unit 06
Letter writing/application

Arabic (E)+

Arabic (E): Unit 01
Arabic (E): Unit 02
Arabic (E): Unit 03
Grammar, composition and translation
Arabic (E): Unit 04
Arabic (E): Unit 05

Persian (E)+

Persian (E): Unit 01
Persian (E): Unit 02
Persian (E): Unit 03
Persian (E): Unit 04
Grammar and composition
Persian (E): Unit 05

Assamese (MIL)+

Assamese (MIL): Unit 01
Assamese (MIL): Unit 02
Assamese (MIL): Unit 03

Bengali (MIL)+

Bengali (MIL): Unit 01
Bengali (MIL): Unit 02
Bengali (MIL): Unit 03

Hindi MIL

Urdu (MIL)+

Urdu (MIL): Unit 01
Urdu (MIL): Unit 02
Urdu (MIL): Unit 03
Urdu (MIL): Unit 04
Urdu (MIL): Unit 05

Arabic literature+

Arabic literature: Unit 01
Arabic literature: Unit 02
Arabic literature: Unit 03
Arabic literature: Unit 04
Arabic literature: Unit 05

Fiqh and aquaid+

Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 01
Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 02
Bay salam
Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 03
Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 04
Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 05
Fiqh and aquaid: Unit 06
Alami Barzak

Each students will have to appear for both theory as well as practical exams. The duration of each exam is 3 hours (180 minutes) and the total marks for all the Assam HSLC exams are 600. In SEBA HSLC exams, 30% questions are easy and 50% are average whereas only 20% tough questions are asked.

SEBA HSLC 2020 Subject-wise Exam Pattern 

SubjectTheoryInternalTotal MarkPassing Marks
 All MIL100-10030
 English (IL)50-5015
 General Science901010030
General Maths901010030
Social Science901010030
  • Previous year question papers of 10th class exam are provided by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). 
  • Students can download the question papers using the link given above.
  • Practising with these question papers will aid them to prepare for the exam. 
  • It will introduce students with exam pattern, marking scheme, typology of questions asked in the exam.
  • Students should solve the question papers in the stipulated time to increase their speed to write the exam. 

Assam HSLC 2020 Admit Card

  • The board releases the admit card for SEBA HSLC 2020 in the first week of February. 
  • The admit cards are first sent to the zones and further distributed to the schools. Students can collect the admit card from their respective schools. 
  • The admit card mentions the candidate’s roll number, exam name and code, registration number and other important details.
  • The Assam HSLC 2020 admit card is a must-have document to appear for the exams. 
  • No school allows the candidates to write the exams without admit card. 

Documents Required at Exam

  • School Identity Proof
  • Admit Card

SEBA will release the Assam 10th exam results in the third week of May 2020. Assam HSLC result will be released on the official website: resultsassam.nic.in. To check the result online, candidates need to use their roll number. The board issues the original marksheet and passing certificate after the declaration of the result. The board allows the students to put the request for re-evaluation within 15 days from the date of the result. 

Here are the steps to check the SEBA HSLC Result 2020

  • Click on the link of HSLC result 2020 after visiting the official website.
  • A login window will open on the screen. Enter roll number and number in the specified fields.
  • Then fill the digits as shown on the result screen and click on the submit button.
  • Assam HSLC 2020 result will open on the screen. Take a printout of the same and keep it safe for further references.

Qualifying Marks Trend

Year Category Cutoff
2019 General 33
OBC 33
SC 33
ST 33

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the dates of Assam HSLC 2020 exams?


Assam HSLC theory exams 2020 are scheduled to conduct between February 10 and February 29, 2020. Practical exams were organized on January 21 and 22, 2020.

Question: What is the full name of HSLC?


HSLC refers to the High School Leaving Certificate which is awarded to Assam students who qualify class 10 exams. 

Question: What are the passing marks for Assam HSLC 2020 exams?


33% in each subject and in aggregate are the minimum passing marks for SEBA HSLC exams. 

Question: Where can I apply for Assam HSLC 2020 exam?


Students can apply for SEBA HSLC 2020 exams in offline mode through their respective schools.

Questions related to Assam HSLC

Showing 3 out of 3 Questions

why any one cant select urdu as MIL as it is given in syllabus

Suvakanta Sahu 10th Mar, 2020

Hello Azeez,

if you are facing any problem while opting for subjects then take help from teachers. they are the only person who understand the conduct of the college , board and need of students.

have a discussion with them and share your problems you are facing. they will surely help you know what is the reason behind it.



Which is the best way to prepare for Seba board exam of stream science?

Ameya Narendra Parkar 15th Jan, 2020
Dear Goutam,
I would like to give you some tips for preparation of your SEBA board exams.
  1. Organize your study space
  2. Use flow charts and diagrams
  3. Practice on old exam papers
  4. Go through important topics
  5. Practice mock test, it will improve your time management
  6. Plan your exam day

For more details such as syllabus and marking scheme please refer to the following link

i hope you understand this information

all the best

Q :- which date Music partical progremme will held HSLC Exm.2020 ?

Harshita Gupta 31st Dec, 2019

The practical examination for music is on 21 January 2020 from 9 AM to 12 PM.

The HSLC examination 2020 for music will be held on 11 February 2020 , Tuesday in the morning shift.
The examination will from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Also, only blank ink will be allowed for writing answers in the examination hall. No phones or calculators are allowed.

For more details, please check the link below:

Hope this helps!
The question have been saved in answer later, you can access it from your profile anytime. Access now

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