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HBSE Class 10th Syllabus 2024-25 (Updated) for All Subjects - Download Syllabus PDF

HBSE Class 10th Syllabus 2024-25 (Updated) for All Subjects - Download Syllabus PDF

Edited By Shivam Jadoun | Updated on May 12, 2024 12:22 PM IST | #HBSE 10th
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HBSE 10th Syllabus 2024-25 - The Board of School Education, Haryana commonly referred to as HBSE has released the HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25. Students can check the HBSE Syllabus for Class 10 exams 2024-25 on the official website, Haryana Board 10th syllabus 2024-25 PDFs are available for all the subjects including - English, Physical Education, Home Science, Mathematics, Science, etc.

Students appearing for HBSE 10th 2025 board exams must check subject-wise topics included in the HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25. The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) exams will be tentatively held in February-March 2025. Students are advised to go through the HBSE 10th 2024-25 syllabus carefully and make sure that no topic is left unprepared. Read further to get the PDF download links of HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25 subject-wise topics that need to be covered.

HBSE 10th Class Syllabus 2024-25 (Subject-wise)

By analysing the HBSE Class 10 syllabus 2024-25 properly, students can figure out the important topics, and scoring areas and make their study plans accordingly. Students can download the latest Class 10 Haryana board syllabus 2024-25 from the links given in the table. The PDF files containing the syllabus and question paper design for the Haryana Board 10th class is available now. The subject-wise detailed Haryana Board 10th syllabus 2024-25 is listed below for candidates’ reference.

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Haryana Board 10th Syllabus 2024-25 - PDF Download Links

How to Download HBSE 10th Syllabus 2024-25?

  • Go to the Haryana Board's official website- 2024-25 syllabus class 10.

  • Click on the "Student corner" and then select the "Class X" option.

  • Now, click on 'Syllabus 2024-25'.

  • A separate tab with subject-wise HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25 PDF file will be available.

  • Save and download the syllabus of class 10 HBSE PDF for future use.

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HBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2024-25: Computer Science

UNIT I: MS Access2010

Basic Concepts and need for a Database, Advantages of database, Features of MS Access Database, Components of MS Access Window, Creating a Database, Opening an existing Database, Elements of MS Access Database, Data Types in MS Access, Primary Key, Creating Table in Datasheet view, Creating Table in Design View, Setting Primary Key, Viewing and editing data in a table, Printing Tables.

Unit II : Communication Technology

Introduction of computer Network, Need for a computer Network, Types of Computer Network:PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN, Transmission media(guided and unguided), Wired/wireless communication, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, Cloud Computing (Public and Private)

Unit III: Internet

Introduction to internet, History of internet, Working of internet, Hardware and Software requirements for internet, World Wide Web, Web Servers, Web Page, Web Site, Web Portal, Web Address/URL, Web Browser, Search Engine, Blogs, News Groups, E-mail structure. Internet Protocols: TCP, FTP, IP, TELNET, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPs, POP3 (introduction only).


Introduction to HTML, Basic Structure of HTML, Text Formatting Elements in HTML, Lists in HTML, Inserting images in HTML, Inserting tables in HTML, Linking in Web Pages

Unit V: Cyber Security

Cyber Threats: Computer virus, Malware, Adware, Worms, Trojan horse, Spyware, Ransomware. Hackers and Crackers. Safety measures: Identity theft, identity Protection, Proper usage of Passwords, Confidentiality of information, Antivirus

HBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2024-25: English

First Flight: Lessons

  1. A Letter to God

  2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  3. Two Stories about Flying

  4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
    • His First Flight

    • The Black Aeroplane

  5. Glimpses Of India

    • A Baker from Goa

    • Coorg

    • Tea from Assam

  6. Mijbil the Otter

  7. Madam Rides the Bus

  8. The Sermon at Benares

  9. The Proposal

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First Flight: Poems

  1. Dust of Snow

  2. Fire and Ice

  3. A Tiger in the Zoo

  4. How to Tell Wild Animals

  5. The Ball Poem

  6. Amanda!

  7. The Trees

  8. Fog

  9. The Tale of Custard the Dragon

  10. For Anne Gregory

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Footprints without Feet:

  1. A Triumph of Surgery

  2. The Thief’s Story

  3. The Midnight Visitor

  4. A Question of Trust

  5. Footprints Without Feet

  6. The Making of a Scientist

  7. The Necklace

  8. Bholi

  9. The Book that Saved the Earth


Punctuation Marks, Articles, Tenses, Reported Speech, Modals, Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences, Clauses (Noun, Adjective & Adverb), Non-Finites, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Figures of Speech.

Writing Skills and Reading Skills

Applications, Letters, Description of Events/Incidents, Paragraph Writing, Story Writing, Report Writing, Classified Advertisement, Interviews, Conversation, Unseen passages.

HBSE 10th Class Exam Pattern 2024-25 & Marking Scheme

After getting the HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25 details, students should be aware of the exam duration and marks distribution. The exam will be conducted for five subjects – Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics and Science, and any one of the optional subjects as per students’ preference.

  • The Board will examine offline mode.

  • The time duration of each paper will be 3 hours.

Haryana Board Class 10 Marking Scheme

Name of the subject

Maximum Marks in theory

Maximum Marks in practical


Total Marks

Hindi (First Language)





English (Second Language)










Social Science










Anyone of the following :

A) Third Language (anyone out of Sanskrit/ Punjabi/ Urdu)




B) Home Science





C) Agriculture





D) Animal Husbandry





E) Drawing





F) Music





G) Dance





H) Physical and Health Education





I) Computer Science





J) Any one of the following subject :

  • ITES,

  • Automobile

  • Security Services,

  • Retail Industry Business

  • Beauty and Wellness

  • Physical Education and Sports

  • Patient Care Assistance

  • Agri-Paddy Farming

  • Tourism-Hospitality-Travel

  • Media-Animation

  • Banking & Finance Services

  • Banking Insurance

  • Apparel Designing

  • Vision Technician




HBSE 10th Board Preparation Tips 2024-25

Knowing the HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25 is not enough to qualify for the examination. There are some tricks and tips students need to follow which will help them to ace the exam.

  • After completing the HBSE 10th syllabus 2024-25, devote time to revision. This will help you to retain the important points.

  • Get the details of weightage from the Haryana Board 10th syllabus pdf. Make a study schedule accordingly.

  • Create short notes or flashcards of important sections to simplify the revision process.

  • Solving previous years' HBSE 10th Board question papers is an important part of the preparation. Students must practice the question papers after they are through with their Syllabus for the Haryana Board 10th class and exam pattern. It will improve their performance level.

  • Contact the teachers or experts to get all the doubts clarified. Better clarity leads to good preparation.

  • And lastly, do not take on too much stress as health is more important. Only a healthy and calm mind can help you fetch good marks in BSEH 10th result .

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. When will the Haryana Board 10th exams be held?

Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) exams will be held in February-March 2025.

2. Is the new Haryana Board Class 10 syllabus 2024-25 released?

Yes, the board has released HBSE 10th syllabus for the current academic year 2024-25. The direct links to download the syllabus PDF is provided in the article.  

3. Should I cover all topics of HBSE syllabus for Class 10th 2024-25?

Yes, students are suggested to cover every topic of the HBSE 10th 2024-25 syllabus to get good marks in the exam.  

4. What are the passing marks for HBSE Class 10 Board exams 2024-25?

Students have to obtain at least 33% marks in total and 33% marks in practicals and theory separately to pass the exams.


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HSBC has not released the class 10 date sheet yet. It is expected that the date sheet will be released in the end of January,2021 in the official site of Haryana board. You will be able to download the class10 date sheet from the latest announcement section of the official site of Haryana board. Also, you can check the tentative date sheet from the link below. According to the tentative sheet, the exam will held from march 4 to march 27.

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It would be very hard to say which board is tough or easy. But if you go for CBSE board, you would be better placed as the syllabus is common throughout the country. Moreover, the maths and science syllabus of the CBSE board is in sync with competitive examinations.
But if your focus is more towards state entrances, the state board would be better as it will cover the maximum syllabus of the exam.

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