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RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 to 12 Maths

RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 to 12 Maths

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RD Sharma Solutions are one of the best study materials available for students to excel in the academic performance of mathematics subjects. The RD Sharma book provides concepts, solved examples and practise problems in detail. RD Sharma Solutions are available online on the internet. RD Sharma solutions for class 12 are provided by careers 360 to enhance the knowledge of students in mathematics. RD Sharma Solutions for each class are important for the board exams as well as competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced etc.

RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 to 12 Maths
RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 to 12 Maths

RD Sharma consists of a good number of solved examples. Students can utilise these solved examples to prepare themself. Students are advised to solve the questions without looking to the answers that would help to increase their problem-solving skills and also the content knowledge. RD Sharma solved examples trains the students to crack the unsolved questions and give better exposure to the concepts discussed in the book.

Why RD Sharma Solutions of Careers360

RD Sharma mathematics solutions for class 12 is provided by careers360. The solutions for other classes are expected to come soon. The solutions are provided by experts and are verified by mathematics experts of careers360. The solutions of RD Sharma book of class 12 provided are easy to understand and are detailed with all steps. Solutions for 31 chapters of class 12 is given. Students can utilise these for preparation for board exams as well as many state and national engineering entrance exams.

The chapters of class 12 are listed below:

RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter-wise Solutions

RD Sharma Class 11 Chapters

Chapter 1 Sets

Chapter 2 Relations

Chapter 3 Functions

Chapter 4 Measurement Of Angles

Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 6 Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 7 Trigonometric Ratios Of Compound Angles

Chapter 8 Transformation Formulae

Chapter 9 Trigonometric Ratios Of Multiple And Sub Multiple Angles

Chapter 10 Sine And Cosine Formulae And Their Applications

Chapter 11 Trigonometric Equations

Chapter 12 Mathematical Induction

Chapter 13: Complex Numbers

Chapter 14 Quadratic Equations

Chapter 15 Linear Inequations

Chapter 16 Permutations

Chapter 17 Combinations

Chapter 18 Binomial Theorem

Chapter 19 Arithmetic Progressions

Chapter 20 Geometric Progressions

Chapter 21 Some Special Series

Chapter 22 Brief Review Of Cartesian System Of Rectangular Coordinates

Chapter 23 The Straight Lines

Chapter 24 The Circle

Chapter 25 Parabola

Chapter 26 Ellipse

Chapter 27 Hyperbola

Chapter 28 Introduction To 3D Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 29 Limits

Chapter 30 Derivatives

Chapter 31 Mathematical Reasoning

Chapter 32 Statistics

Chapter 33 Probability

RD Sharma Class 10 Chapters

Chapter 1 Real Numbers

Chapter 2 Polynomials

Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 4 Triangles

Chapter 5 Trigonometric Ratios

Chapter 6 Trigonometric Identities

Chapter 7 Statistics

Chapter 8 Quadratic Equations

Chapter 9 Arithmetic Progressions

Chapter 10 Circles

Chapter 11 Constructions

Chapter 12 Some Applications of Trigonometry

Chapter 13 Probability

Chapter 14 Co-ordinate Geometry

Chapter 15 Areas Related to Circles

Chapter 16 Surface Areas and Volumes

RD Sharma Class 9 Chapters

Chapter 1 Number Systems

Chapter 2 Exponents of Real Numbers

Chapter 3 Rationalisation

Chapter 4 Algebraic Identities

Chapter 5 Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 6 Factorisation of Polynomials

Chapter 7 Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Chapter 8 Lines and Angles

Chapter 9 Triangle and its Angles

Chapter 10 Congruent Triangles

Chapter 11 Co-ordinate Geometry

Chapter 12 Heron’s Formula

Chapter 13 Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 14 Quadrilaterals

Chapter 15 Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Chapter 16 Circles

Chapter 17 Constructions

Chapter 18 Surface Areas and Volume of a Cuboid and Cube

Chapter 19 Surface Areas and Volume of a Circular Cylinder

Chapter 20 Surface Areas and Volume of A Right Circular Cone

Chapter 21 Surface Areas and Volume of a Sphere

Chapter 22 Tabular Representation of Statistical Data

Chapter 23 Graphical Representation of Statistical Data

Chapter 24 Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 25 Probability

Benefits of RD Sharma solutions

  • Give examples for each concept discussed in a particular chapter

  • Problems of easy, medium and difficult levels are present in the RD Sharma book

  • RD Sharma solutions of different kinds of questions are given, like fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, short answer, comprehension questions etc.

Students can avail the RD Sharma solutions for class 12, RD Sharma solutions for class 11, RD Sharma solutions for class 10, RD Sharma solutions for class 9 etc on the internet.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Does RD Sharma contain solutions?

Yes,  a good number of solutions are available in the RD Sharma books for each class and students should practise it for a better understanding of the concept

2. Is RD Sharma solutions PDF available?

Yes, students can download the RD Sharma solutions PDF online

3. What is the price of RD Sharma solutions?

RD Sharma Solutions are available online. Actually, these solutions are beyond a price level since it gives a good base of mathematics. 

4. How to download RD Sharma solutions?

Use download buttons or any web page downloading options. 

5. What is discussed in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 by careers 360?

RD Sharma class 12 solutions provided by careers 360 contains RD Sharma class 12 exercise-wise solutions of all the 31 chapters 

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