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RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 Solutions Maths Higher Order Derivatives - Download PDF Free Online

RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 Solutions Maths Higher Order Derivatives - Download PDF Free Online

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To study and understand all the concepts properly, students should be occupied with books and practice sessions. To make this happen, they face a lot of confusion while studying or preparing for their entrances and exams. A significant part of the syllabus for class 12 students is the concept of Higher Order Derivatives. RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 solutions are the one-step solution to all the difficulties that students face while preparing for this chapter.

RD Sharma solutions book is the most preferred option when it comes to preparing for exams so a majority of students studying in CBSE schools opt for it to find answers to their queries in different subjects. It also helps in achieving high scores and builds the confidence of students to make them capable of handling tough questions. The RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 11 book is all that you need to clear every doubt. It is prominent to clear your doubts and queries before moving on to another concept. Therefore, it is suggested that students take the help of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 11 from the starting of the chapter itself.

Another added advantage of referring to Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions Chapter 11 is that it is absolutely free of cost. The material can directly be downloaded from one of the top educational websites, Career360. Students don’t have to pay anything for it. This is also a good opportunity for the students who cannot afford expensive solution guides and can easily access the Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions Chapter 11 for their reference.

RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 11 Higher Order Derivatives- Exercise Wise

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More about RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Mathematics Chapter 11

The solution book is curated in a way that it helps all types of students whether they are toppers, average students or slow learners. All the students can use it for their improvement. This is because RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 solutions book is designed to cater all types of students by providing them with various methods of solving the questions. They are also given the option to choose the method that they find easier.

The chapter has only one exercise with 47 questions in all. These questions have subparts too. Students can download the RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 PDF to attempt the questions in the exercise of the chapter.

The chapter Higher Order Derivatives is an important and difficult chapter in class 12. This chapter primarily focuses on concepts like relations involving various order relations of cartesian functions, Defining higher-order derivatives, Notations used for higher-order derivatives, Proving relations between order derivatives and cartesian functions, Finding second-order derivatives, Proving relations between various order derivatives and parametric function.

This solution book is designed in such a way that all the categories of the chapter are covered as it derives from three categories- easy, moderate and tough. The division of the chapter into three categories is done to ensure the engagement of the students is to the fullest while solving questions from the solution.

Benefits of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Mathematics Chapter 11 Solutions

  1. Solve a problem in various methods

The RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 Solutions consists of various methods using which every question can be solved so as to cater all types of students. Hence, if there is a method that seems difficult to a student, there are different methods provided in the book as alternatives and the students can refer to them to find their suitable method of going about that question.

  1. Helps to prepare in advance

The students who are preparing for any exam whether school, boards, or JEE mains can get advanced knowledge on all chapters if they use RD Sharma Solutions. Mock tests can be easily conducted and checked using the book.

  1. A guide for homework and assignment

Teachers help out the students in school but after school hours at home, students are left to their own devices. If a student faces any doubt they will be unable to solve it without RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 11 solutions.

  1. Achieve their target scores

In class 12, mathematics will not be a scoring subject for many. But with the help of RD Sharma solutions book, they can easily prepare well for their exams and there is a higher probability of them scoring really well in all of the maths tests. Most of the students find it hard to score well in mathematics. This will boost their efficiency and also help them in scoring good ranks in entrance exams as well.

RD Sharma Chapter-wise Solutions

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the charge taken by Careers360 for the RD Sharma Solutions Class 12?

No amount of money is charged by the website of careers360 for the RD Sharma solutions online PDF and study materials. 

2. Are Higher order derivatives an important chapter for board exams?

The RD Sharma solutions provide you with the best solutions of Higher-order derivatives to prepare you for board exams and the chapter is quite an important chapter for board exams. Therefore, the chapter is important for the board exams. 

3. Does the Careers360 website provide all the RD Sharma solutions?

The RD Sharma solution every chapter online study material is available on the careers360 website. You can go through all the PDF of all the chapters on this website.

4. Is RD Sharma's book good enough for public examinations preparation?

Yes, the RD Sharma solution contains questions that are asked in the public exams. That's why it's important to go through these solutions. 

5. Is the NCERT solution covered in the RD Sharma solutions book?

Yes, RD Sharma solutions books are designed according to the syllabus of the NCERT and contain all the solutions of the book. 

6. How many exercises are covered in the RD Sharma chapter 11 solution?

The RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 11 material covers all the important exercises that cover important topics of the chapter. 

7. Can I find the solution for level 2 questions of chapter 11 in the RD Sharma solutions?

Yes, the solutions for Levels 1 and 2 from each exercise in the book is covered in the RD Sharma solutions and provides solved questions of each chapter as well. 

8. Can RD Sharma solutions book help weak students to perform better in maths?

Students of every category can use the solutions given in RD Sharma book to strengthen their maths game and bring out the best of their capability to perform better in the maths board exams.


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