CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2020- Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board in India that conducts Senior & Sr. Secondary Level Board exams. The marks obtained in CBSE 12th board exams help students to decide which graduation course to pursue. Along with the same, a good preparation for CBSE 12th boards will help students to crack the major entrance test like JEE & NEET with ease. CBSE Class 12 board exams 2020 will commence from February 15, 2020. Students have 1-2 months to prepare for CBSE board 12th exams 2020. Hence, we have listed a few top CBSE 12th preparation tips that help students to excel in exams. Read the complete article to know CBSE Class 12 preparation tips 2020.
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Top 10 CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2020

CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2020

Good scores in CBSE class 12 come with the efforts of students. Let's have glimpses into CBSE 12th board exam preparation tips 2020 that every student must follow to get good marks.

Preparation Tip 1- Know the syllabus and exam pattern

By knowing the weightage of different topics, you can divide your time according. By doing this you will get more time for revision. You must know the complete CBSE class 12 syllabus 2020 before starting exam preparation. If you find any topic difficult then do not leave the concept unattended or keep it for the last moment. Knowing the syllabus also helps students to make a good study plan wherein they can divide time according to the weigtage of topics.

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Preparation Tip 2- Conceptual clarity is a must

You must not try to cram the whole syllabus as it will make you feel stress and forget things in exams. On the contrary, if you have proper clarity of the topics you can write the exam in a better way. Try to learn by understanding the depth of the topic and not by memorizing each and everything.

Preparation Tip 3- Practice Previous Year's Questions and Sample Papers

When you have completed all the important topics it is suggested that you must practice CBSE 12th sample papers 2020 and previous year question papers. This is one of the most important CBSE Class 12 preparation tips 2020 for gaining outstanding scores. Question papers help to understand thoroughly the subject and types of question.

Preparation Tip 4- Make Daily Study Plan

It is not possible to achieve the desired target without proper planning. Set a daily schedule and implement it. It will help you boost confidence and study at a constant pace. Following a planned schedule helps in covering the syllabus on time. Hence, it is recommended to make good study schedule and follow the same with utter dedication.

Preparation Tip 5- Refer to the Best Books

You must prefer NCERT books while preparing for class 12. As CBSE Class 12th question paper is prepared from topics of NCERT books only. You can also refer to other references for the practice of problems, numerical, etc.

Preparation Tip 6- Group study proved as a Boon

Studying alone and not understanding a concept will be very frustrating. The group study will provide clarity on the topic by discussing and review concepts for a deeper understanding of the topics. Having a group study makes you accountable and there is the least possibility of skipping any topic.

Preparation Tip 7- Take proper diet and Sleep

You must get take a balanced diet and adequate sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Do not study late night and for long hours, take short breaks. Stress, fear, and anxiety will hamper the preparation and affect the performance in board exams.

Preparation Tip 8- Stay Away from Distraction

Avoid listening to music, watching television, text messaging or surfing the Internet while studying. Try to study in a place where you will be less distracted by others around you. These distractions will hinder your path to success.

Preparation Tip 9- Make Strategy to write answers

One of the most important CBSE 12 class preparation tips 2020 is to know how to write answers during the exam. Students should highlight the important section of an answer with a different color pen or by underlining. Besides, write answers in points instead of writing in paragraphs. To know the best way of writing answers, students can also download the topper's answer sheet from the main website of CBSE. Make the best use of 15 minutes reading time to properly read and plan accordingly.

Preparation Tip 10- Be confident about your preparation

Students feel stressed and test anxiety during board exams. So, never discuss the topic which you have not prepared with your classmates, friends. Be confident about your preparation, keep your mind calm and just be yourself.

CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2020 (Subject-wise)

Mentioned below are a few subject-wise simple tips and tricks to make the CBSE Class 12th preparation easy for students.

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Maths

Mathematics includes logical thinking so systematic learning is required. Mathematics is an important subject to pursue a career in the field of engineering, chartered accountancy, statistics, etc.

Tricks & Tips for CBSE 12th Maths Exam

  1. Students must refer to NCERT as the entire paper revolves around the concepts given in NCERT books.

  2. Solve all the solved and unsolved questions too. Solve the CBSE 12th Maths Sample Papers 2020 and previous year question paper available on CBSE website

  3. Attempt long answer questions (6 marks) as it will give you a good time to attempt and secure good marks

  4. The important and more weightage topics must be written first. Refer to the table below to check the weightage of each subject:




44 marks

Vectors and 3D Geometry

17 marks


13 marks

Relations and functions and Probability

10 marks each

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Chemistry

Chemistry is the most important subject of science which consists of the structure, properties, and composition of matter. It includes the changes that take place in matter and types.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Exam Tips & Tricks

  • Write important formulae of Physical chemistry on a sheet and revise it daily.

  • For organic chemistry, the types of questions asked are Conceptual questions (reasoning based), Conversion and naming reactions, Distinction Test, Mechanism of reaction (as per NCERT).

  • Solve CBSE 12th chemistry sample papers 2020 to know the marking scheme

  • Don’t just read the reaction, write them several times to develop that flow and gain accuracy.

  • For inorganic chemistry questions like Reasoning-based, Structure-based and complete the reaction are mostly asked.

  • A wide variety of questions are asked from Metallurgy so it must be revised thoroughly.

  • Students must refer to the table for weightage and prefer to prepare high weightage chapter first

CBSE 12th Chemistry Syllabus 2020


Unit Name





Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements


p -Block Elements

d -and f -Block Elements

Coordination Compounds

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen



Chemistry in Everyday Life

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Physics

Physics includes the scientific study of motion, light, electricity, radiation or gravity. Physics deals with matter ranging from sub-atomic particles like photons and electrons to galaxies.

Tricks & Tips for CBSE 12th Physics Exam

  1. Prepare a list of formulae, derivations, and experiments mentioned in the syllabus.

  2. Try to understand the logic behind the derivation rather than just mugging up.

  3. Revise concepts regularly and do practice more and more numerical

  4. Solve the latest CBSE 12th Physics Sample papers 2020 to know the right paper pattern and type of questions asked.

  5. Do mention S.I units (if any) of all physical entities.

  6. Start your preparation depending upon the weightage of each subject

CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2020

Optics14 marks
Electrostatics Magnetic effects of current8 marks
Magnetic effects of current8 marks
Electromagnetic Induction and alternating current8 marks
Current electricity7 marks
Electronic Devices7 marks
Atoms and Nuclei6 marks

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Biology

Biology is the study of plants and animals. Biology has 2 broad branches Botany (the study of plants) and zoology (the study of Animals). Also, microbiology(the study of microorganisms) is included in Biology. Refer the below CBSE Class 12th Preparation Tips 2020 to make most of this subject-

CBSE 12th Biology Tricks & Tips

  1. You will be learning new terms which are to be memorized. You can make notes with definitions of the new terms that you learn each day.

  2. Prefer to write the definition in your own way without changing the meaning rather than cramming.

  3. Practice previous year question paper and make a list of common questions that have been asked and then practice them more thoroughly

  4. Make a strategy for preparation of CBSE class 12 Biology exam based on Marks distribution of different units which is mentioned below:



Genetics and evolution

18 marks


14 marks

Biology and human welfare

14 marks

Ecology and environment

14 marks

Biotechnology and its applications

10 marks

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Business Studies

Business studies paper has two subdivisions. Part 1 consists of questions from Principles and Functions of Management and carries 60 marks and part 2 consists of questions from Business Finance and Marketing and carry 40 marks.

Tricks & Tips for CBSE 12 Business Studies Exam

  1. To solve questions that require higher-order skills you must read as many case studies as possible, and start analyzing topics.

  2. Solve the mock papers given by CBSE and, also, from other books like U-LIKE sample papers.

  3. Solve each and every question given at the end of the chapter in NCERT.

  4. Prepare first chapter carrying high weightage


Organizing10 marks
Directing10 marks
Staffing8 marks
Planning7 marks
Nature and significance of Management7 marks


Marketing14 marks
Financial management12 marks

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2020 for Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the optional subjects which is preferred by most of the students. Below mentioned CBSE Class 12 preparation tips for computer science which will help you to score good marks:

Tricks & Tips for CBSE 12th Computer Science Exam

  1. Create Flash Card- students must make flash cards of important facts and revise them frequently so as to remember them.
  2. Solve CBSE 12th Computer Science Question Papers - Solving around 5-6 questions of each type from previous CBSE 12th board paper helps students to know the exam pattern and clearing all doubts.
  3. Make a rough sketch- Before attempting the exam make a rough sketch for programs so as not to make mistake while writing the final program.
  4. Prepare according to weightage- Students are recommended to prepare subjects carrying more weightage first and then low weightage subjects. The details about the topic and its weightage are mentioned below.
Revision of XI12 marks
Network Concept10 marks
Boolean algebra8 marks
Data structure (Array)8 marks

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - Top 10 CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2020

Question: How many hours should I study to crack CBSE 12th board exams?


Students should at least devote 7-8 hours for study daily to crack CBSE 12th exams with good marks.

Question: What are the CBSE 12th topper's tips?


Clear all your basics and solve last year's question papers to crack the exams with good marks.

Question: Which are the best books for CBSE Class 12 preparation 2020?


Students first cover the syllabus and related exercises from NCERT books. Almost all questions will be asked from NCERT books. 

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CBSE Class 12th Updates and Articles

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I just want to ask that if a student of cbse class 12th 2020 predicted the score of chemistry -70/100 biology 79/100 and in physics ge predicted 21/70 so CBSE can give him gracing by seeing others subject marks???

Rehan Alam Student Expert 5th Apr, 2020

Dear Aspirant,

No, your marks from other subjects will not have any impact on the marks in other subject. However, it is being noticed that the physics paper of 2020 was a bit on the tougher side and whenever such things happens, CBSE do lenient marking so if you are sure of 21 marks, you might as well expect passing marks.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


I can get below 75% in 12th 2019, then i go for improvement exams for all 5 subjects in 2020, but i give only 1 subject exam due to some personal reasons and absent in other 4,, then I eligible to give improvement exams in 2021.

Megha 3rd Apr, 2020

Hello Aspirant !

As per the CBSE , improvement exam. can be taken only in the successive year of passing Class XII exams

So , you cannot appear for the exam in 2021.

For more information you can visit :

Hope it helps !


may i know the exam date of history 315 sr.secondary

Manish Singh 25th Mar, 2020

After the cancellation of the open board 12th class examination till 31st March, a new date sheet has been announced by the National institute for Open Schooling on its official website. According to it the  exam date for History 315 for class 12 is 9th April


12 compartment student take admission in any college of after complete compartment exam.

Soham sengupta 19th Mar, 2020


actually it is not possible to take admission in any college of BTech after just completing your 10 + 2 compartment exam. You have to  give the exam of of any joint entrance examination for  engineering or similar like this. You have to pass on this examination and if you have a good rank you can take admission in good colleges. Don't worry if you have not a good rank you can take admission in private colleges also with low ranks also.

Hope this will help you.


Im fail in 12 last year. in this year Im private candidate of cbse 2020 . if i fail in one subject. can i give compartment exam

Rehan Alam Student Expert 17th Mar, 2020

Dear Aspirant,

Compartment is an extra chance to appear for the exam which you might not be able to qualify in the first time. Compartment is given if you are fail in only one subject, so yes if you fail in one subject then you're allowed to give compartment, however, if you have fail in more than one subject, then it is considered as fail.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

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