Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 - Assam Board has modified the Physics AHSEC syllabus for the academic session 2019-2020. Studying after referring to a proper syllabus outline is the first step towards learning. Therefore Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 is very important to score well for the students. Moreover, being specific helps in broadening the knowledge and helps one to prepare in a definite manner and add in attaining the good scores. In addition to it, for the convenience of the students, we are providing Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 and the course structure. Students are advised to go through the detailed information about the syllabus and then prepare for their Assam HS Exam. The exam pattern and weightage of the marks will be planned according to the syllabus prescribed for Assam AHSEC. Hence, Students should prepare Assam HS 12th syllabus includes some of the topics from 11th too. Read the article below to know the Assam AHSEC Syllabus of Science, Commerce and Arts stream along with the important topics and marking scheme.
Latest- Assam HS time-table 2020 Released online. Check Assam HS result 2020 date here.

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Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020

Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Science Stream

Below mentioned are the languages prescribed for Assam AHSEC Syllabus for all the streams.

MIL Subjects:

a) Assamese

b) Bengali

c) Bodo

d) Hindi

e) Nepali

f) Urdu

g) Khasi

h) Garo

i) Mizo

j) Manipuri

k) Hmar

l) Alternative English

Assam Board 12th Physics Syllabus has been modified for 2020 exams.

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Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for English

Students are advised to go through the syllabus of English to prepare in a better way. Candidates must remember that English is the subject which is common in all the three streams. Refer to the table below to know the marking scheme of the Assam AHSEC syllabus 2020.

Assam AHSEC English syllabus 2020



Section A

Reading Skills

Reading unseen prose passage


Section B

Advanced Writing Skills


Section C


Narration: Direct and Indirect 4 marks Voice 3 marks

Tenses 5 marks Proposition 4 marks Transformation of Sentences 4 marks


Section-D (Prescribed Books)





Section A


Section B


Section C


Section D

Prescribed Books

Chapter Name


  1. The Last Lesson

  2. Memories of Chota Sahib

  3. Lost Spring

  4. Indigo

  5. Going Places

Flamingo - Poetry

  1. My Mother At Sixty Six

  2. Keeping Quiet

  3. A thing of Beauty

  4. A Roadside Stand


  1. The Tiger King

  2. Journey to the end of the Earth

  3. On the Face of it

  4. Memories of Childhood

Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Physics

Refer below-given table to know the important topics and units of Physics Assam AHSEC Syllabus along with the marking scheme to prepare for the exam in a planned manner.

Assam AHSEC Physics Syllabus 2020

Unit name

Important Topics



Electric field lines; Electric flux, Statement of Gauss’s theorem, free charges and bound charges inside a conductor, etc.


Current Electricity

Ohm’s law, electrical resistance, V-I characteristics (linear and non-linear), series and parallel combinations of resistors; temperature

dependence of resistance, etc.


Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Ampere’s law and its applications to infinitely long straight wire, straight and toroidal solenoids, Magnetic Hysteresis Electromagnets and

factors affecting their strengths, etc.


Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Alternating currents voltage, peak and RMS value of alternating current/voltage power, AC generator, and transformer, etc.


Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic spectrum, Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves. Need for displacement current, etc.



Refraction and dispersion of

light through a prism, Refraction of light, total internal reflection and its

applications, optical fibres, refraction at spherical surfaces, Young’s double-slit experiment and expression for fringe width, coherent sources

and sustained interference of light, etc.


Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations; Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Davisson-Germer experiment, etc.


Atoms and Nuclei

Composition and size of nucleus, atomic masses, isotopes, isobars; isotones, etc.


Electronic Devices

Zener diode as

a voltage regulator. Junction transistor, transistor action, characteristics of a transistor,



Communication System

Propagation of electromagnetic waves in

the atmosphere, sky and space wave propagation, Elements of a communication system, etc.




Emitted Topics in Physics are mentioned in the Screenshot below:


Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Chemistry

Below mentioned are the unit wise important topics and the marking scheme of Chemistry Assam AHSEC Syllabus. Students are advised to go through this table to prepare for the exams according to the weightage of topics.

Assam AHSEC Chemistry Syllabus 2020

Unit name

Important topics


Solid State

unit cell in two dimensional and three-dimensional lattices, calculation of the density of unit cell, packing in solids, voids, number of atoms per unit cell in a cubic unit cell, etc.



relative lowering of vapour pressure, elevation of boiling point, depression of freezing point, osmotic pressure, etc.



Kohlrausch’s Law, electrolysis and laws of electrolysis (elementary idea), dry cell – electrolytic cells and Galvanic cells, etc.


Chemical kinetics

catalyst; order and molecularity of a reaction; rate law and specific rate constant, integrated rate equations and half-life, etc.


Surface chemistry

homogeneous and heterogeneous, activity and selectivity: enzyme catalysis; colloidal state: distinction between true solutions, colloids and suspensions, etc.


General principles and processes of Isolation of Elements

Principles and methods of extraction: concentration, oxidation, reduction electrolytic method and refining; occurrence and principles of extraction of aluminium, copper, zinc and iron, etc.


p-Block Elements

General introduction, electronic configuration, oxidation states, occurrence, trends in physical and chemical properties, etc.


d- and f-Block Elements

interstitial compounds, alloy formation. Preparation and properties of K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4, etc.


Coordination Compounds

coordination number, colour, magnetic properties and shapes, IUPAC nomenclature of mononuclear coordination compounds, etc.


Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Nomenclature, nature of C-X bond, physical and chemical properties, mechanism of substitution reactions, etc.


Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Nomenclature, methods of preparation, physical and chemical properties, acidic nature of phenols, electrophilic substitution reactions, uses of phenols, etc.


Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids

Nomenclature, acidic nature, methods of preparation, physical and chemical properties, etc.


Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen

Nomenclature, classification, structure, methods of preparation, physical and chemical properties, etc.



Elementary idea of a-amino acids, peptide bond, polypeptides, proteins, primary structure, secondary structure, tertiary structure and quaternary structure (qualitative idea only), denaturation of proteins, etc.



Natural and synthetic, methods of polymerization (addition and condensation), copolymerization, etc.


Chemistry in Everyday life

Chemicals in medicines– analgesics, tranquillizers, antiseptics, disinfectants, antimicrobials, antifertility drugs, antibiotics, antacids, antihistamines, etc.




Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Mathematics

Students should look into the table mentioned below to know the important topics and marking scheme of the Assam AHSEC Maths exam.

Assam AHSEC Maths Syllabus 2020

Unit name

Important Topics


Relations and Functions

Types of relations, Types of Functions, Inverse Trigonometric functions Basic concepts, etc.



Matrices Concept of a matrix and its notation and order, etc.



Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives, Integrals, etc.


Vectors Algebra and Three-Dimensional Geometry

Vectors and scalars, magnitude and direction of a vector, Cartesian and vector equation of a plane, etc, etc.


Linear Programming

Introduction, related terminology such as constraints, objective function, optimization, different types of linear programming, etc.



Multiplication theorem on probability. Conditional probability, independent events, total probability, Bayes theorem, etc.




Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Biology

Students are suggested to go through the table below to know the important topics and marking scheme of Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Biology.

Assam AHSEC Biology Syllabus 2020

Unit name

Important Topics


Group A - Botany

Sexual Reproduction

Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Apomisix and Polyembryony, etc.


Genetics and Evolution

Evolution of Life Forms- A Theory, Mechanism of Evolution, A Brief account of Evolution, Origin and Evolution of

Man, etc.


Biology and Human Welfare

Animal Husbandry, Tissue Culture, Microbes in Sewage Treatment, Microbes as Biofertilisers, etc.


Biotechnology and its application

Principles of Biotechnology, Tools of recombinant DNA Technology, Biotechnological Applications in Medicine, etc.



Organism and its Environment, Populations, Medicinal and Timber Yielding Plants, etc.


Group B - Zoology


Pregnancy and Embryonic Development, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, etc.


Genetics and Evolution

Sex Determination, Replication, Human Genome Project, DNA Fingerprinting, etc.


Biology and Human Welfare

Common Diseases in Humans, Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, Single Cell Protein, etc.


Biotechnology and its Application

Biotechnological Applications in Agriculture, Transgenic Animals, Ethical Issues, etc.



Ecological Pyramids, Biodiversity Conservation, Medicinal and Timber Yielding Plants, Degradation by Improper Resource Utilization and Maintenance, etc.




Assam AHSEC Syllabus for Computer Science and Application 2020:

Go through the below image to know the syllabus and marking scheme of Computer Science and Application syllabus.


Click here to download the Assam AHSEC syllabus of all the elective subjects of Science Stream

Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Commerce Stream

We have provided the syllabus for Assam AHSEC Commerce stream below.

Assam AHSEC Business Studies Syllabus

Refer to the table below to know the units, important topics and marking scheme of Assam AHSEC Syllabus for Business Studies.

Unit no.

Unit name

Important Topics


Part A - Principles and Functions of Management

Unit I

Nature and Significance of Management

Management– concept, objectives, importance, Nature of management; Management as Science, Management functions - planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling, ETC.


Unit II

Principles of Management

Principles of Management — meaning, nature and significance, Fayol’s Principle of Management, Taylor’s Scientific Management– Principles and Techniques, etc.


Unit III

Business Environment

Business Environment– meaning and importance, Dimensions of Business Environment— Economic, Social, Technological, Political and Legal, etc.


Unit IV


Meaning, features, importance, limitations, types of Plans- Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, Method, Rule, Budget, Programme, etc.


Unit V


Meaning and importance, Formal and information organisation, Difference between delegation and decentralisation, etc.


Unit VI


Meaning, need and importance of staffing, Steps in staffing process, Selection– meaning and process, etc.


Unit VII


Meaning, importance and principles, Motivation- meaning and importance. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, etc.




Meaning and importance, Steps in the process of control, Techniques of controlling, etc.


Part B - Business Finance and Marketing

Unit IX

Financial Management

Capital Structure– Meaning and factors, Financial planning– meaning and importance, etc.


Unit X

Financial Markets

Capital Market : nature and types– primary and secondary market, Distinction between capital market and money market, etc.


Unit XI


Distinction between marketing and selling, Product —nature, classification, branding, labeling and packaging, etc.


Unit XII

Consumer Protection

Consumer rights, Way and means of consumer protection — Consumer awareness and legal redressal with special reference

to Consumer protection Act, etc.



Entrepreneurship Development




Assam AHSEC Accountancy Syllabus 2020

Accountancy HS syllabus is provided below:


Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Economics

For the better exam preparation, students must refer to the Economics syllabus and prepare according to the weightage of important topics and marking scheme.

Unit name

Important Topics


Part A - Introductory Microeconomics


Central problems of an economy, production possibility curve and opportunity cost, microeconomics, etc.


Consumer Behaviour and Demand

meaning and attainment of equilibrium through Utility Approach: One and two commodity cases, measurement of price

the elasticity of demand– percentage, total expenditure and geometric methods, etc.


Producer Behaviour and Supply

Production function, Supply, Cost and Revenue, etc.


Forms of Market and Price Determination

Forms of the market– perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition– their meaning and features, etc.


Simple applications of Tools of demand and supply

rationing, floors and ceilings and Food

Availability Decline (FAD) Theory, etc.

Part B - Introductory Macroeconomics

National Income and Related Aggregates

Circular flow of income, concepts of GDP, GNP, NDP, NNP, Measurement of National Income– Value Added method, Income method and Expenditure method, etc.


Determination of Income and Employment

Determination of income and employment: two-sector model, Problems of excess and deficient demand, etc.


Money and Banking

Money: meaning, evolution and functions, Recent significant reforms and issues in Indian Banking System: privatisation and modernisation, etc.


Government Budget and the Economy

Government budget– meaning and its components, Objectives of the government budget, etc.


Balance of Payments

Foreign exchange rate– meaning (fixed and flexible), merits and demerits; determination through demand and supply, A brief analysis of recent exchange rate issues, etc.




Click here to download the Assam AHSEC syllabus of all the elective subjects of Commerce Stream

Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020 for Arts

We have provided the Arts subjects prescribed in the AHSEC Assam syllabus below. Students must discuss with their teachers or school authority to know the detailed syllabus of AHSEC for Arts stream. AHSEC Assam Arts syllabus can also be downloaded in the form of a PDF file from the official website of the board. Find the list of Arts subjects below:


ii) History

iii) Political Science

iv) Logic & Philosophy or Psychology

v) Education

vi) Sociology or Anthropology

vii) Statistics

viii) Mathematics

ix) Home Science

x) (a) One of the following classical languages :

1) Arabic

2) Persian

3) Sanskrit


(b) One of the following advanced languages :

1) Advance Assamese

2) Advance Bengali

3) Advance Hindi

4) Advance Manipuri

5) Advance Bodo

xi) Geography

xii) Computer Science & Application

xiii) Sattriya Dance

xiv) Fine Arts

xv) Entrepreneurship Development

xvi) Multimedia & Web Technology

Candidates should prepare the entire syllabus very well as the Assam 12th question paper are prepared after referring to the prescribed syllabus. Hence, Students should go through the previous year question papers to know the exam pattern and prepare accordingly. Referring to the syllabus, important topics and marking scheme will help the candidates to score good marks.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - Assam AHSEC Syllabus 2020

Question: When will Assam HS Exams 2020 be held?


Assam HS Exams 2020 will be conducted from February 12 to March 14, 2020.

Question: What is the minimum pass marks for Assam HS/ 12th board exams 2020?


The minimum passing marks for all subjects is 30%. The qualifying marks for subjects having practical is 30% for theory part and 40% for practical part. Students must pass both theory and practical separately. 

Question: Is the Assam HS Maths syllabus same for Science & Arts?


Yes, the Assam HS syllabus for Mathematics is the same for science and art students.

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Assam AHSEC Updates and Articles

Questions related to Assam AHSEC

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what exam should i have to give to do b.pharm in assam

Koyel Bagchi 17th Feb, 2020


In dibrugarh university to do bpharm in assam you have to qualify your 10+2 examination or you have your diploma.  But in case of board exam you must have 75% in physics,  chemistry and biology.

As per the state council the entrace exam conducted is must be cleared.

Hope for the best.

Thank you.


What is the entrance exam for AIN, Guwahati?

Kanupriya Gupta 27th Jan, 2020

Dear Aspirant,

AIN, also known as the Army Institute of Nursing offers the course of B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Nursing. The course here is designed according to Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. B.Sc. is 4 years long and M.Sc. is 2 year long. The application will start in the second week of March 2020 for B.Sc. Nursing and the OAT or Online Admission Test will be held somewhere in the first week of June 2020.

The eligibility criteria for the same having appeared for 10+2 with the subjects PCB, where Biology could have been exchanged for other electives. English is a compulsory language. The institute also accepts students from B.Sc. which the same subject requirements along with some other contingencies if required. The minimum prescribed aggregate for admission is 50% to appear for the entrance exam. The age limit for giving the exam is 22 years on the December 31 in the year of admission.

The OAT or Online Admission test can be applied for through the official website of AIN Guwahati and the exam consists of 5 subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and General Awareness. The duration of the exam of 2 hours. There are 120 questions with 1 mark for every correct answer and 1/4 negative marking for every wrong answer. The exam will have questions from the syllabus of 11th and 12th wit 50 questions in Biology (divided into Botany and Zoology), 25 questions in Physics, 25 questions in Chemistry, 10 questions in English and 10 questions in General Awareness.

Hope this helps. All the best!


Can i apply for only one subject improvement in assam AHSEC board class 12 exam.What if i get less marks in improvement exam.PLEASE ANSWER...

Rajesh das 7th Dec, 2019

dont worry just stuy hard here i have gathered some stury material and some syllabus for you people hope you would like those check out the it here : (// all the best to you

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