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NCERT Syllabus for class 9 English 2024 - Download Syllabus PDF

NCERT Syllabus for class 9 English 2024 - Download Syllabus PDF

Edited By Shilpi Sachdeva | Updated on Jun 11, 2024 11:20 AM IST

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 English 2024 - NCERT prescribes the English syllabus for class 9 students. This is a standard curriculum for most of the academic boards. Apart from this, NCERT 9th class English syllabus can be referred to for scholarship and entrance exams. Before starting the preparation, one should analyse the NCERT syllabus for class 9 English. Class 9 is the crucial stage of one’s life, as the concepts studied in this class will help students in further studies.

Preparing well for the class 9 English exam using the NCERT syllabus is essential. This syllabus is adopted or adapted by states and academic boards across the country. The class 9 English syllabus of NCERT comprises literature and grammar part. NCERT syllabus for class 9 English consists of topics and sub-topics of both parts. Read below for more about the NCERT syllabus for class 9, prescribed English books, solutions etc.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 English 2024 - Download Links



Chapter-wise index


Beehive textbook in English

Click here


Moments Supplementary Reader in English

Click here


Words and Expressions - 1

Click here


Complete the syllabus PDF file

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NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 English 2024 - Sections

The council divided NCERT 9th class English syllabus into two parts, as given below:

  • Literature section

  • Grammar section

NCERT Class 9 Syllabus for English Grammar 2024

The grammar part of the NCERT syllabus for class 9 English contains the following topics:

  • Tenses

  • Reported speech

  • Modal auxiliaries (those not covered at upper primary)

  • Non-finite (infinitives, gerunds, participles)

  • Conditional clauses

  • Complex and compound sentences

  • Phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases

  • Cohesive devices

  • Punctuation (semicolon, colon, dash, hyphen, parenthesis or use of brackets and exclamation marks)

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 English Literature 2024

The literature syllabus of class 9 English is divided into two parts. Each part comprises poems and essays written by various poets and writers. The following tables provide the contents of both books. Students can analyze the class 9 English syllabus of NCERT to devise their strategy for study.

Beehive Textbook in English



1. The Fun They Had

Isaac Asimov

The Road Not Taken (Poem)

Robert Frost

2. The Sound of Music

I. Evelyn Glennie: Deborah Cowley

II. Bismillah Khan

Wind (Poem)

Subramania Bharati

3. The Little Girl

Katherine Mansfield

Rain on the Roof (Poem)

Coates Kinney

4. A Truly Beautiful Mind


The Lake Isle of Innisfree (Poem)

William Butler Yeats

5. The Snake and the Mirror

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

A Legend of the Northland (Poem)

Phoebe Cary

6. My Childhood

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

No Men Are Foreign (Poem)

James Kirkup

7. Reach for the Top

I. Santosh Yadav

II. Maria Sharapova

On Killing a Tree (Poem)

Gieve Patel

8. Kathmandu

Vikram Seth

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal (Poem)

William Wordsworth

9. If I Were You

Douglas James

Moments Supplementary Reader in English



The Lost Child

Mulk Raj Anand

The Adventures of Toto

Ruskin Bond

Iswaran the Storyteller

R. K. Laxman

In the Kingdom of Fools

Kannada Folktale (ed.) A. K. Ramanujan

The Happy Prince

Oscar Wilde

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Harsh Mander

The Last Leaf

O. Henry

A House Is Not a Home

Zan Gaudioso

The Beggar

Anton Chekhov

NCERT Books for Class 9 English

  • English is a subject that consolidates literature and grammatical items to make one proficient in oral and written communication.

  • NCERT devised three books for class 9 students, including two literature books and one workbook for practice.

  • Candidates can download NCERT books in the form of pdf files which are completely based on NCERT syllabus for class 9 English.

  • NCERT class 9 books contain comprehensive knowledge about all the topics and sub-topics for all the major subjects.

  • These books are accepted by most academic boards.

Also read -

NCERT Class 9 Solution

  • While preparing, if a candidate feels it is difficult to solve any of the questions, then he/she can use NCERT solutions to get an idea about the solution.

  • It saves a candidate's time by providing an instant and quick solution.

  • NCERT class 9 solutions are available to download for all the significant subjects of class 9.

Other NCERT Books Class 9 syllabus and books

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many books should I read to cover the entire 9th English syllabus?

NCERT devised three books which are sufficient to cover NCERT 9th class English syllabus.

2. Where can I download book-wise syllabus of NCERT 9th English?

You can download books-wise NCERT syllabus for class 9 English here as pdf files.

3. Is this the latest NCERT class 9 English syllabus?

Yes, the syllabus given here is the latest as available on the official website.


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A block of mass 0.50 kg is moving with a speed of 2.00 ms-1 on a smooth surface. It strikes another mass of 1.00 kg and then they move together as a single body. The energy loss during the collision is

Option 1)

0.34\; J

Option 2)

0.16\; J

Option 3)

1.00\; J

Option 4)

0.67\; J

A person trying to lose weight by burning fat lifts a mass of 10 kg upto a height of 1 m 1000 times.  Assume that the potential energy lost each time he lowers the mass is dissipated.  How much fat will he use up considering the work done only when the weight is lifted up ?  Fat supplies 3.8×107 J of energy per kg which is converted to mechanical energy with a 20% efficiency rate.  Take g = 9.8 ms−2 :

Option 1)

2.45×10−3 kg

Option 2)

 6.45×10−3 kg

Option 3)

 9.89×10−3 kg

Option 4)

12.89×10−3 kg


An athlete in the olympic games covers a distance of 100 m in 10 s. His kinetic energy can be estimated to be in the range

Option 1)

2,000 \; J - 5,000\; J

Option 2)

200 \, \, J - 500 \, \, J

Option 3)

2\times 10^{5}J-3\times 10^{5}J

Option 4)

20,000 \, \, J - 50,000 \, \, J

A particle is projected at 600   to the horizontal with a kinetic energy K. The kinetic energy at the highest point

Option 1)


Option 2)

\; K\;

Option 3)


Option 4)


In the reaction,

2Al_{(s)}+6HCL_{(aq)}\rightarrow 2Al^{3+}\, _{(aq)}+6Cl^{-}\, _{(aq)}+3H_{2(g)}

Option 1)

11.2\, L\, H_{2(g)}  at STP  is produced for every mole HCL_{(aq)}  consumed

Option 2)

6L\, HCl_{(aq)}  is consumed for ever 3L\, H_{2(g)}      produced

Option 3)

33.6 L\, H_{2(g)} is produced regardless of temperature and pressure for every mole Al that reacts

Option 4)

67.2\, L\, H_{2(g)} at STP is produced for every mole Al that reacts .

How many moles of magnesium phosphate, Mg_{3}(PO_{4})_{2} will contain 0.25 mole of oxygen atoms?

Option 1)


Option 2)

3.125 × 10-2

Option 3)

1.25 × 10-2

Option 4)

2.5 × 10-2

If we consider that 1/6, in place of 1/12, mass of carbon atom is taken to be the relative atomic mass unit, the mass of one mole of a substance will

Option 1)

decrease twice

Option 2)

increase two fold

Option 3)

remain unchanged

Option 4)

be a function of the molecular mass of the substance.

With increase of temperature, which of these changes?

Option 1)


Option 2)

Weight fraction of solute

Option 3)

Fraction of solute present in water

Option 4)

Mole fraction.

Number of atoms in 558.5 gram Fe (at. wt.of Fe = 55.85 g mol-1) is

Option 1)

twice that in 60 g carbon

Option 2)

6.023 × 1022

Option 3)

half that in 8 g He

Option 4)

558.5 × 6.023 × 1023

A pulley of radius 2 m is rotated about its axis by a force F = (20t - 5t2) newton (where t is measured in seconds) applied tangentially. If the moment of inertia of the pulley about its axis of rotation is 10 kg m2 , the number of rotations made by the pulley before its direction of motion if reversed, is

Option 1)

less than 3

Option 2)

more than 3 but less than 6

Option 3)

more than 6 but less than 9

Option 4)

more than 9

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