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Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Books - Download PDF Free Online

Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Books - Download PDF Free Online

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Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Books: Geography is a subject of practical knowledge about the world that helps one to be self-aware of the surroundings in the world. It may be quite difficult to understand the subject of geography if one does not understand a topic clearly and practice it enough. To get a clear idea about the concepts, a student must study the topics from the Geography Textbook pdf class 10th Maharashtra board. The Maharashtra State Board class 10th Geography book consists of chapters that discuss topics such as Location, Population, Human settlements, Climate, and vegetation.

Maharashtra State Board Books class 10th Geography book also briefs us about the types of human settlements, the physical conditions of a region, and the public life in that particular region. It also emphasizes the physiography of the regions including the drainage and sewer system as it affects the personal hygiene and environmental conditions of the region. Maharashtra State Board class 10th Geography book lays a proper foundation for the students who will be opting for the humanities stream in the domain.

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Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Syllabus PDFs

Download the Maharashtra board Class 10 Geography book PDFs for Hindi, English and Marathi medium. Students should use these books PDF to prepare better for the exams.

Chapters in Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Syllabus

Sr. no.
1Field Visit
2Location and Extent
3Physiography and Drainage
5Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
7Human Settlements
8Economy and Occupations
9Tourism, Transport, and Communication

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How to download the 10th Geography book pdf Maharashtra board?

The Maharashtra State Board 10th Geography Textbook pdf can be downloaded online. Follow the below steps to download the Maharashtra 10th Geography book:

  • Visit the official website -
  • On the top of the screen, select "Download PDF textbooks"
  • Then select "Go to textbooks of other classes"
  • From the "Classes" section, select "10th".
  • From "Medium", select the medium suitable to you.
  • Geography books for class 10th will now be displayed on the right side.
  • Click on the "Download" button.
  • Click the download button to download and save it on your computer for future use.

Maharashtra State Board 10th std Textbook for All Subjects:

Reference books for 10th Geography Maharashtra Board Book PDF

Students can use Navneet and Oswaal publications as reference books for geography subjects other than their Bal Bharati textbook.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many marks does the theory paper hold in Class 10th Geography conducted by the Maharashtra state board?

Theory paper of geography papers of class 10th conducted by Maharashtra state board is of  40 marks.

2. Is there any internal choice given in the geography paper conducted by the Maharashtra state board for class 10th?

Yes, there are internal choices provided in the geography paper conducted by the Maharashtra state board for class 10th. 

3. Are there map questions in the geography paper conducted by the Maharashtra state board for class 10th?

Yes, there are map questions in the Geography paper conducted by the Maharashtra state board for class 10th. Maps are provided to the students along with the question paper itself. 

4. How much time is granted for solving the Maharashtra state board geography paper for class 10th?

A total of 2 hours is given to a student to complete the geography paper for Class 10th Maharashtra board Geography paper. 


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