Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020
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Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020- DGE, Tamil Nadu has released the TN HSC syllabus. Students can access the syllabus along with the exam pattern on the official website of Tamil Nadu board, www.tn.gov.in. Tamil Nadu 12th syllabus and exam pattern will help the students make a strong action plan, and study accordingly to perform better. Tamil Nadu class 12 syllabus contains details of chapters from different subjects. Analyzing the syllabus will help the students identify important topics and more.

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Tamil Nadu class 12 exam is conducted every year by the Directorate of Government Examinations, Tamil Nadu, during the month of March. The exam comprises sections from English, language subjects, like Tamil, Telugu, Arabic, Hindi, and other non-language subjects, like Mathematics, History, Commerce, Physics, and Economics. There are six papers in total, and the time duration for each paper is 3 hours. Read the article to know more about Tamil Nadu board 12th Syllabus and marking scheme.

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Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for English

The English syllabus is designed in a way that students will be able to develop their speaking, listening, and writing skills. Students can refer to the table given below to know about the Tamil Nadu state board English syllabus for standard 12.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus



Vocabulary Competencies

Meanings, syllabification, spellings, word formation, vocabulary improvement, phrasal verbs and idioms, foreign words and phrases.

Grammatical Competencies

Sentence patterns, conditional and concessional clauses, modal auxiliaries, reported speech, relative clauses, the transformation of sentences, passivization.

Listening Competencies

Comprehension passage containing six-eight lines, short passages, ease of breath, CNN news panel discussion, coherence,

Speaking Competencies

Introduction to topics through group discussions, greeting, introduction, and giving information, disagreeing peacefully, projecting one’s image, expressing gratitude, welcome address, vote of thanks, and more.

Reading Competencies

Descriptive, argumentative, factual, and literary texts.

Writing Competencies

Scientific and factual discourse, interesting texts, reports, relevant situations, non-verbal information, projects, advertisements, et cetera.

Study Skills

Dictionaries, library facilities, internet, verbal and non-verbal texts, lectures, books and journals, essays of students, email language.


Report writing, presenting messages, picture composition, presenting facts and figures in a systematic method, advertisements, and more.

Strategic Competencies

Samples of pupil language, areas of doubt, hesitation, and more.

Creative competencies

Essay writing, poem writing, critical appraisal, scriptwriting for interviews, cartoon scripts, travelogues, captions for photograph, translation.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that requires consistent practice. Students must study Mathematics daily, for at least an hour. Students can refer to the table given below to know about the various sections covered in Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 syllabus for Mathematics.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus for Mathematics (Science Stream)



Systems of Equations

Systems of linear equations, methods of solution

Applications of Matrices

Matrices for transformations: Matrices for Translation, Reflection, Rotation, Glide reflection, Shear and Stretch, Isometry and similarity matrices for the same.

Analytical Geometry

Definition of a conic, Derivation of the standard equation of Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola and Rectangular Hyperbola, Chords, Tangents & Normals, and more.

Vector Algebra

Vectors and Scalars Representations of vectors and operations of addition and subtraction, Scalar and vector products, Triple products, products 4 vectors, and more.

Applications of Differentiation

Derivative as a rate measurer, Derivative as a measure of slope, Mean Value Theorems, Curve tracing, et cetera.

Applications of Integration

Definite integral and its applications

Differential Equations

Formation of differential equations, I order and II Order Linear Equations, Applications.

Probability Distribution

Random variable, probability functions, mathematical expectation, discrete and continuous distribution.

Complex Numbers

Complex Algebra Fundamental operations on complex numbers, Applications.

Algebraic Structures

Rings. Integral Domains and Fields, Group Structure.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus for Mathematics (Commerce Stream):



Systems of Equations

Systems of linear equations, methods of solution

Applications of Matrices

Strong information, input-output analysis, transition matrices for market share.

Analytical Geometry

Standard equations, tracing the conics, derivation of standard equations

Sequences and Series

Progressions and number sums, application in commerce

Applications of Differentiation

Functions in Economics and Commerce, derivative as a rate of measure, derivative as a measure of slope, maxima and minima, applications of maxima and minima, partial derivatives, errors, and applications.

Applications of Integration

Definite integral, area under a curve, commuting producer’s surplus and consumer surplus.

Differential Equations

The formula of differential equations, I Order variables, II Order linear equations with constant coefficients, applications.

Probability Distribution

Random variable, probability functions, mathematical expectation, discrete and continuous distribution.

Sampling Techniques

Sampling distribution, errors, estimation, quality control charts.

Forecasting Techniques and Decision Theory

Linear Programing, correlation, and regression, index numbers, decision theory.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for Physics

Studying physics involves deriving formulas and equations, practising numerals, understanding various laws, and conducting experiments to learn to apply the laws. Students preparing for the Physics exam should study the subject daily, such that they master the topics and concepts with perfection. Class 12 Physics syllabus, Tamil Nadu 2020, is given in the table below.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 Syllabus for Physics:



Current Electricity

Electric Current, drift velocity, Ohm’s law, Electrical resistivity, superconductivity, Combination of resistors, Electric power and more.

Effects of Electric Current

Healing effect, Joule’s law, magnetic effect of electric current, Magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron, Conversion to ammeter and voltmeter, Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid, and more.

Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Current

Electromagnetic induction, Alternating current, Eddy current, AC generator, methods of inducing emf, self-induction.

Electromagnetic Waves And Wave Optics

Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics, Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves, Emission and Absorption spectrum, Theories of light, Wavefront and Huygens principle, etc.

Atomic Physics

Atomic structure, Bohr’s model, Sommerfield’s atom model, Quantum numbers, x -rays production properties, detection, absorption, diffraction of x - rays, and more.

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Photo-electric effect, Photocells and their application, Matter waves, electron microscope.

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear properties, Nuclear mass defect, Nature of Nuclear forces, Neutron discovery, Radioactivity, Nuclear fission.


Concept of space, time and mass, Frame of reference, Newtonian relativity, Special theory of relativity, Doppler effect of light,

Semiconductor devices and their applications

Semiconductor theory, Semiconductor doping, Formation of P-N Junction, Diode as a rectifier, Junction - transistors, Measuring Instruments, and more.

Communication Systems

Modes of propagation ground wave, Amplitude modulation, Antennas, and Transmission lines, TV.Transmission and reception, Video signal analysis, and more.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for Chemistry

The class 12 syllabus for Chemistry is bifurcated into three sections. While studying Chemistry students should pay adequate attention to the chemical reactions, understand various laws, practice numerical problems and derivations, and should conduct experiments to understand the chemical phenomena and more. Tamil Nadu Class 12 Chemistry syllabus can be accessed below:

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus for Chemistry:



Inorganic Chemistry

Atomic Structure II, Periodic Table, Coordination compounds & bio coordination compounds, Nuclear Chemistry, etc.

Physical Chemistry

Solid State, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Electro Chemistry, Electro Chemistry II, etc.

Organic Chemistry

Isomerism in Organic Chemistry, Hydroxy derivatives, Ethers, Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic acid, Organic Nitrogen Compounds, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Action, Problems in Chemistry.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for Commerce

The syllabus of Commerce will help students develop insights into Organizations, ways of running it, Partnership, and more. Students should read the chapters carefully, understand them, and make text to world connections to comprehend better. Tamil Nadu class 12 Commerce syllabus is given below.

Tamil Nadu Board 12 Syllabus for Commerce:




Meaning and Types of Organization

Sole trader

Meaning of sole trader, Special features of a sole trader, Merits of a sole trader, Demerits of a sole trader.


Definition of partnership, Special features of partnership, Similarities between sole trader and partnership, Merits and Demerits of Partnership, Types of Partnership, Kinds of Partners, Rights and Duties of partners, Partner's express and Implied authority, Partnership Deed, Dissolution of partnership, and more.

Companies I and II

Definitions, Differences between partnership and company, Kinds of companies, public company, private company, Privileges of a private company, Differences between private company and public company, Formation of a company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus, Shares, Allotment of shares, DebenturesTypes, Differences between Shares and Debentures.

Stock Exchange

Introduction, Procedures regarding new Issues, Stock Exchange, Investors and speculatorsDifferences, SEBI, Mutual funds, Bombay Online Trading (BOLT).


Definition, Merits, and Demerits, Types of Cooperatives, Differences between companies and cooperatives.

Government in Business

Introduction, Types, Public Corporation, Government Companies, Differences between the private sector and the public sector.

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020 for Economics

The study of economics shall help the students understand about an economy, its features, et cetera. Students will be able to understand the concepts of market, demand, supply, and more. They will also be able to comprehend the impact of government policies on the economy.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 Economics syllabus-



Nature and Scope of Economics

Definition of Economics, The divisions, and nature of economics, and their relationship with other subjects, static and dynamic concepts, Scope of micro and macro Economics, Nature of Economic Laws, Basic concepts in economics.

Basic Economic Problems

Basic economic problems of all societies, Production possibility curve.

Consumer's Behavior

Characteristics of human wants, Concept of utility Marshallian approach, Consumers' surplus and indifference curves theory, Indifference curve theory.

Law of Demand and Law of Supply

The concept of demand and the causes for the demand curve sloping downwards, Factors determining demand, Elasticity of demand, Factors determining Elasticity of demand, The concept supply, Factors or determinants of the supply curve, shifts in the supply curve.

Equilibrium Price

Concept of equilibrium, Concepts of static equilibrium and dynamic equilibrium, Diagram of equilibrium price, Time periods and price fixation.


The concept of production, The factors of production, Production function, Laws of returns and laws of returns to scale, Difference between Laws of Returns and Laws of Returns to Scale.

Cost and Revenue

The concepts of cost and revenue, The different kinds of costs and revenues, To develop skills to draw diagrams and to prepare tables,

Market Structure and Pricing

Structure and different kinds of markets, The characteristic features of perfect and imperfect competition, Product differentiation, Wastes of monopolistic competition, Monophony.

Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution

The general theory of income distribution, The marginal productivity theory of factor pricing and its criticism, Theories of distribution, and more.

Simple Theory of Income Determination

The theory of income determination, Aggregate demand, and aggregate supply, consumption function, investment function, Govt.'s Spending, Shifts in aggregate demand, and more.

Monetary Policy

Money, Functions of money, money supply, Inflation, and Deflation.

Fiscal Policy

The concept of public finance and its' importance, taxes, Budget, Limitations of fiscal policy.

Tamil Nadu 12 Syllabus 2020 for History

The study of history will help the students know about the contemporary history of India and the World. Students will be able to learn about the World Wars, various wars of Independence, UNO, and more.

Tamil Nadu History syllabus class 12



History of Modern India

India under East India Company's Rule, Education under the Company's rule, British rule in Tamil Nadu, The Great Revolt of 1857, Changes in Indian administration after 1858, India's Freedom Movement, Role of Tamil Nadu in India's Freedom Movement, India after independence - Social, Economic, Scientific and Technological Progress.

Modern World History

Renaissance, the American war of independence, French Revolution, Industrial, and Agricultural Revolutions, Spread of Colonialism, Russian Revolution, Rise of Fascism and Nazism, Second World War, Growth of Asian Nations China and Japan after the Second World War, UNO, Cold War.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 Exam Pattern

Before making a strong preparation plan to achieve their goals, students must assess the exam pattern along with the Tamil Nadu Class 12 Syllabus. This will help them know the types of questions that can be asked and more.




Part I- Language

3 Hours

Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, French, and German.

Part II- English

3 Hours


Part III- Any 4 subjects

3 Hours

Any 4 subjects from General Stream Papers or Vocational Stream Papers.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 Exam- Important Tips

Preparing for class 12 board exam can become really easy if students make a strong plan and implement it Here are a few tips that can be useful for students preparing for Tamil Nadu Class 12 exam:

  1. Students should set a goal for themselves, which they should aim to achieve during the course of preparations. Setting a high bar is important for students to excel and perform better in Tamil Nadu class 12 result.

  2. Having set their goal, students must assess the exam pattern and Tamil Nadu Class 12 Syllabus. This will help them develop an understanding of the exam.

  3. Students should make a strong action plan to achieve their goals. This must involve studying daily, practising consistently, making sufficient revisions, making notes, and more.

  4. After completing the Tamil Nadu Class 12 Syllabus, students must track their progress by assessing themselves and practising Tamil Nadu Class 12 model question papers. This will help the students analyze their preparations, and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Students should have an adaptive approach. If they feel that they need to make changes in their strategies, then they should mold their methods of preparation. Students should analyze what is going well, where they need to improve and what should be done differently to make changes in their plan. They should also check the Tamil Nadu Class 12 Date sheet and adapt to a new plan, if required.

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