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NSEP Syllabus 2023-24 - Check IAPT NSEP Syllabus Here

NSEP Syllabus 2023-24 - Check IAPT NSEP Syllabus Here

Edited By Ajit Kumar Dubey | Updated on Sep 07, 2023 12:01 PM IST | #CBSE Class 12th

NSEP Syllabus 2023-24-The Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) provides the details of the NSEP 2023–24 syllabus. To prepare for the National Standard Examination in Physics, students should study the CBSE Physics Class XI and Class XII syllabus. The NSEP 2023-24 syllabus contains the important topics that students should cover for the exam. The NSEP syllabus includes CBSE Class 11th and 12th physics chapters such as Current Electricity, Electro-Magnetic Field, Geometrical Optics, and others.

Furthermore, students can refer to the NCERT syllabus for 11th and 12th classes for more information on topics and sub-topics. National Standard Examination in Physics will be conducted on November 26, 2023, to analyse the candidate's theoretical and experimental skills. To know more about the NSEP 2023-24 syllabus, read the entire article.

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NSEP Syllabus 2023-24

The NSEP syllabus is prescribed by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). The questions can be asked from the NCERT syllabus up to 12th. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be given nearly equal NSEP chapter wise weightage, and no questions about mathematics will be asked directly. The NSEP syllabus includes the following topics:

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  • Electromagnetic Fields

  • Oscillations and Waves

  • Dynamics

  • Mechanics

  • Genetics

  • Reproduction

  • Evolution

  • Measurement techniques and apparatus

  • Geometry and stereo metrics etc.

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Based on the analysis of last year's papers by various coaching institutes, we have provided the NSEP exam syllabus below.


Important Topics

Total Marks as per the last year's analysis by Resonance

Geometrical Optics

Lens, Refraction by spherical surface, Refraction by Prism, Spherical mirror, Refraction in general, Refraction at the plane surface and TIR


Alternating current

Power consumed in an AC circuit, Resonance



A capacitor with a dielectric, Combination of Capacitors


Centre of mass, momentum & collision

Head-on collision, Motion of com


Circular Motion

Kinematics of circular motion, Circular motion in a vertical plane


Current Electricity

Instruments, Power, energy, battery, EMF, terminal voltage & Kirchhoff's law


Electromagnetic Field

magnetic field due to a magnet and earth, magnetic field due to a straight wire, Magnetic field due to ring, Magnetic Force and torque on a current-carrying loop, dipole moment, Magnetic force on a charge


Electro-Magnetic Induction

Self-inductance EMF & magnetic energy density



Coulomb's law, Electric potential and potential difference, Flux calculation and gauss's law, Conductor and its properties, Electric pressure



Diode, Logic Gates, Transistors


Work, power, Energy

Work done by a variable force, work-energy theorem


Simple harmonic Motion

Equation of SHM, Spring mass system



First law of thermodynamics, Root mean square velocity, kinetic energy


Heat Transfer

Thermal conduction in linear conductors


Modern physics-1

Electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/species, Photoelectric effect, X-ray





Newton's law of Motion

Calculation of force and acceleration



Archimedes principle and force of buoyancy


Rectilinear Motion

Equation of motion and motion under gravity


Sound Wave

Doppler effect, Organ pipes and resonance



Universal law of gravitation



Moment of inertia


Surface Tension

Excess pressure in drops and bubble


Wave optics

YDSE with monochromatic light


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NSEP Exam Pattern 2023-24

  • The NSEP 2023-24 exam consists of two parts.

  • Part 1 will consist of 48 multiple-choice questions with one correct answer out of the given options, and part 2 will consist of 12 MCQs with one or more correct answers.

  • The total marks for NSEP 2023-24 will be 216.

  • There will also be a penalty of 1 mark for each wrong answer, and 3 marks will be added for each correct answer.

  • There will be four languages available for the question paper: English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Bangla. During NSEP enrollment, students must select one language.

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How to use NSEP Syllabus 2023-24 for Better Preparation?

Following a few steps you can take to prepare for the exam using the NSEP 2023-24 syllabus:

Step 1; Analyse the syllabus of NSEP 2023-24 - Students have to thoroughly study the NSEP exam syllabus and important topics. They must divide the topics they know and do not know, and then devise a study plan accordingly considering NSEP chapter wise weightage. It is also recommended that nothing be left behind. Furthermore, cover the most important topics first, followed by the less important ones.

Step 2: Plan the study strategy- After categorising the topics and NSEP marking scheme, it is critical to plan how students will go about the preparation. It is recommended to begin early and prepare for all NSEP Syllabus topics at least a month before the exam.

Step 3: Use NCERT Books- Candidates should study the topics from the NSEP 2023–24 syllabus using the NCERT books. Once test-takers have finished the syllabus, they should use reference materials and move on to more difficult subjects.

Step 4: Solve the previous year's question papers- IPAT releases the previous year's NSEP question papers and answers key. Candidates can download them and practise with various types of exam questions . These question papers are available on the IAPT's official website and are based on NSEP marking scheme.

Step 5: Use the Correct Reference Books- Students should also read the CBSE Class 12th Physics Reference books to understand the various types of questions and the detailed NSEP syllabus 2023-24. These books cover every subtopic.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is NSEP?

NSEP stands for National Standard Examination in Physics which is held by IAPT.

2. Is there any negative marking in NSEP 2023-24?

There is a negative marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer that the candidates select.

3. Which class syllabus is covered in NSEP?

Students should study the CBSE Physics Class XI and Class XII syllabus, to prepare for exam.


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I hope this was helpful!

Good Luck

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5) During a trekking activity of 6km a student Ram will go to Sangam and return back up to 12 noon. He estimates that he can go to the Sangam at 1.5km/h on average, and return at half of that speed. These speeds take into account breaks and rest times. Using Ram's estimated speeds, what is the latest time he can begin his walk so that he can return by 12 noon?

A force of F = 70 N is applied on a block of mass M = 10 Kg placed on a horizonatl surface as shown in the figure . What will be the work done by frictional force in t = 2 sec if block was initially at rest

A police jeep on a petrol duty on national highway was moving with a speed of 54km/hr. in the same direction. It finds a thief rushing up in a car at a rate of 126km/hr in the same direction. Police sub – inspector fired at the car of the thief with his service revolver with a muzzle speed of 100m/s. with what speed will the bullet hit the car of thief? CLASS - XI PHYSICS (Kinematics)

(a) State the reasons for which Hershey and Chase carried out their experiments.
(b) Answer the following questions based on the experiments of Hershey and Chase :
(i) Name the different radioactive isotopes they used, and explain how they used them.
(ii) Why did they need to agitate and spin their culture ?
(iii) Write their observations and the conclusions they arrived at.





A student holding a mirror in his hand, directed the reflecting surface of the mirror towards the Sun. He then directed the reflected light on to a sheet of paper held close to the mirror.

(a) What should he do to burn the paper ?

(b) Which type of mirror does he have ?

(c) Will he be able to determine the approximate value of focal length of this mirror from this activity ? Give reason and draw ray diagram to justify your answer in this case. 





A student while observing an embryo of a pen seed in the laboratory listed various parts of the embryo as given below : 

Testa, tegmen, radicle, Plumule, micropyle, cotyledon


On examining the list the teacher remarked that only three parts are correct. Select three correct parts from the above list

a) tests, Radicle, cotyledons    b) Tegmen, Radicle, Microphyle

c) cotyledons, plumule, Testa    d) Radicel, cotyledons, plumule





An amorphous solid “A” burns in air to form a gas “B” which turns lime water milky. The gas is also produced as a by-product during roasting of sulphide ore. This gas decolourises acidified aqueous KMnO4 solution and reduces Fe3+ to Fe2+. Identify the solid “A” and the gas “B” and write the reactions involved.


Describe the structure of seminiferous tubules?? 

Differentiate 2021 with respect yo x


How many of the following points satisfy the inequality 2x-3y≤ -5?

A.  (0, -1)

B. (0, 1)

C. (-4, 0)

D. (4, 0)

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