About Goa Board HSSC 2019

Goa Board HSSC 2019: Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) conducts the Goa board HSSC for Humanities, Science and Commerce stream. Goa Board 12th 2019 was held from February 28 to March 27, 2019, for students studying in the final year of 10+2 in schools affiliated to the board. Candidates had to submit the filled examination form, collected from their respective schools, and pay the requisite fee before the due date in order to appear for the exam. 

Goa board HSSC 2019 is held for papers such as English, Marathi, Hindi, Accountancy, Banking, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Economics, Political science and Psychology among others. Subjects having practicals will have 70 marks for theory and 30 marks for practical. GBSHSE announced Goa Board 12th 2019 result on April 30, 2019 and students can check the same using their seat number or via SMS. Candidates clearing Goa HSSC 2019 can apply for undergraduate courses or any other course as per their choice and eligibility criteria of the course applied for. In 2018, out of 17,739 students that appeared in the exam, 85.53% cleared GBSHSE 12th.  

Exam level: Intermediate
Frequency: Once a year
Languages English, Hindi
Conducting Body: Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
Duration 2 Hours 30 Minutes

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Goa Board HSSC 2019 Important Dates

Past Dates and Events

30 Apr, 2019

Result | Mode: Online

27 Mar, 2019

Exam - Banking (601)/ Logic (552)/ Computer science(705)/ Co-operation (651)/ Co-operation (CWSN) (559) | Mode: Offline

26 Mar, 2019

Exam - Marathi language II (423)/ French language II (427)/ Marathi language II (CWSN) (432) | Mode: Offline

25 Mar, 2019

Exam - Sociology(554)/ Sociology(CWSN) (555) | Mode: Offline

23 Mar, 2019

Exam - Geography (551)/ Geography (CWSN) (557) | Mode: Offline

22 Mar, 2019

Exam - Secretarial practice (654) | Mode: Offline

20 Mar, 2019

Exam - Automobile, IT/ITES, Health care, Retail, Travel & tourism, Beauty & wellness, Apparel, Construction, Agriculture, Phy. edu. & sports, Media & entertainment, Banking financial service & insurance, Telecommunication, Logistics management | Mode: Offline

19 Mar, 2019

Exam - English language II (421)/ Konkani language II (422)/ Urdu language II (425)/ Sanskrit language II (426)/ Painting (505) | Mode: Offline

16 Mar, 2019

Exam - Hindi language II (424)/ Portuguese language II (428) | Mode: Offline

15 Mar, 2019

Exam - Psychology (752)/ Psychology (CWSN) (755)/ Cookery (504) | Mode: Offline

13 Mar, 2019

Exam - Mathematics (754)/ Mathematics & Statistics (606)/ Political science (553)/ Political science (CWSN) (556) | Mode: Offline

11 Mar, 2019

Exam - Biology (704)/ Geology (706) | Mode: Offline

08 Mar, 2019

Exam - Economics (652) | Mode: Offline

06 Mar, 2019

Exam - Chemistry (703)/ Business studies (655) | Mode: Offline

01 Mar, 2019

Exam - English language I (411) / Marathi language I (412)/ English language I (CWSN) (416) | Mode: Offline

28 Feb, 2019

Exam - Accountancy (605)/ Physics (702)/ History (501)/ History (CWSN) (558) | Mode: Offline

04 Feb, 2019

Exam - Practical exams for arts, commerce and science | Mode: Offline

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Eligibility Criteria

Students have to be enrolled in class 12 of an institute affiliated to Goa board to appear for Goa board 12th 2019. One must have the required attendance percentage in the present academic year and must have clear all dues. Students must have submitted the examination fee with specified documents and requisite fee on time. Only those candidates whose applications are accepted by GBSHSE are able to appear for GBSHSE 12th 2019 exam.  In order to appear for the exam, they need to produce their admit card in the exam hall, which only students whose applications are accepted will receive.

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Application Process

Mode of Application : Offline

Goa board sends the examination forms for GBSHSE 12th to the schools, which are to be collected by students and filled offline. In GBSHSE 12th 2019 application form, students will be asked to fill in personal, communication and academic details and stick their passport sized photograph. They will also have to get their and their parent’s signature in the provided space. GBSHSE application form had to be submitted offline in the respective schools after making the payment of application fee as directed by the authorities.

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Syllabus

Depreciation Meaning and definition of depreciation
Causes of depreciation
Objectives of providing for depreciation
Factors influencing amount of depreciation
Method of charging depreciation
Fixed installment method
Reducing balance method
Revaluation method and depletion method
Proforma of asset account with any three items in it
Partnership accounts Introduction of partnership
Meaning and definition of partnership
Features of partnership
Meaning of partnership deed
Contents of partnership deed
Methods of maintaining capital accounts
Fixed and fluctuating capital method
Meaning of profit and loss appropriation account and proforma
Partnership final accounts
Meaning of trading
Profit and loss account and balance sheet and specimens
Accounting treatment of adjustments
Admission of a partner Introduction
Reasons for admission of a partner
Meaning of goodwill
Methods of calculation of goodwill
Average profits method and super profits method
Accounting treatment of goodwill
Calculation of new ratio and sacrifice ratio
Proforma of revaluation account
Retirement and death of a partner Calculation new ratio and gain/benefit ratio on retirement/death of a partner
Calculation of profit of retiring/deceased partner till the date of retirement/death
Mode of settlement of accounts of retiring/deceased partner
Dissolution of partnership firm Introduction of circumstances leading to the dissolution of a firm
Effects of dissolution
Legal provisions for dissolution
Meaning proforma of realization account
Account of non-trading concerns Meaning and examples of non trading concerns
Meaning and features of receipts and payments account
Capital and revenue receipts and payment
Meaning and features of income and expenditure
Difference between receipts and payment account and income and expenditure account
Meaning of donation, legacy, entrance fees
Life membership fees honorarium
Donations for specific purpose
Proforma of receipts and payments account
Income and expenditure a/c
Company accounts Meaning and definition of a company
Features of a company
Types of companies
Classification of share capital
Types of shares
Equity and preference shares
Types of preference shares
Meaning of issue of shares at par, at premium, at discount
Meaning of forfeiture of shares and re-issue of shares debenture
Meaning and classification meaning of financial statements
Specimen of income statement and balance sheet
Banking regulation Introduction of banking regulation
Function of rbi
Tools of money control
Cash reserve ratio
Statutory liquidity ratio
Bank rate
Open market operation
Selective credit control
Rbi general guidelines on selective credit control
Priority sector advances
Restrictions on bank lending
Bankers customer relationship Introduction
General relationship between banker and customer
Primary and secondary general relationship
Subsidiary general relationship
Various subsidiary relationship
Special relationship between a banker and a customer
Features of special relationship
Bankers obligation
Bankers rights
Bankers obligation coupled with his rights or banker rights couple with his obligation
Loans and advances Meaning of loans and advances
Secured loan
Unsecured loan
Importance of lending for the bank
For development of the economy
For the monetary system
For the society
Principle of lending,
Safety and security principle
Risk diversification principle
Profitability principle
Liquidity principle
Loan purpose principle
Types of styles of credit
Cash credit system
Purchase and discounting of bills
Advantages and disadvantages of cash credit
Difference between contract of indemnity and guarantee
Precaution taken by banker
Specific and continuing guarantee
Disclosure of material facts
Misrepresentation or cancelation of material facts
Joint and several guarantee
Application of law limitation
Rights of banker against safety
Lien surety
Surety to discharge
Liability of surety
Termination of guarantee
Reserve bank guidelines on personal guarantees
Loans- advantages and disadvantages
Types of loan-short term
Bridge loan
Composite loan
Consumption loan,
Classification of loans and advance
Secured-modes of creation charge
Precautions taken by banker in the mortgage of immovable property
Advances against collateral securities
Stock exchange securities
Advantages and disadvantages
Precautions to be taken
Negotiable securities
Documents of title of goods
Bill of lading
Distinction between irrecoverable letters of credit and bank guarantee
Agricultural finance and import and export finance Objectives of agricultural finance
Indirect finance
Direct finance
Types of agricultural finance
Crop loans
Development loans
Lending procedure
Guidelines for recovery of loan
Sources of funds
Foreign exchange and export finance
Foreign exchange market
Methods of international payments
Rate of exchange
International liquidity
Special drawings rights
Fee based banking services Fee based banking services
Capital market advisory
Demand draft and pay orders guarantees
Account related fees
Electronic banking Meaning of e-banking
Characteristics of e-banking
Benefits of e-banking
Drawbacks of e-banking
Forms of e-banking
Credit card features
Advantages and disadvantages
Debit card
Functions of advantages and disadvantages
Guidelines to a debit card holder
Distinguish between creditcard and debitcard
Mobile banking of advantages and disadvantages
Difference between neft and rtgs
Indian financial markets Meaning of financial market
Objectives and functions of financial markets
Classification of financial market
Money market
Importance and functions
Capital market- characteristic
Importance of objectives and functions
Difference between money and capital market
Business administration
Work culture and office employees Introduction
Different types of person working in an office
Features of work culture
Office work culture and changing and nature of office work
Sources of recruitment
Internal and external sources
Modern methods of recruitment
Management of business services Types of services and introduction
Professional services
Need for marketing professional services
Service product
Place of distribution
Types of objectives
Working of stores
Consultancy services meaning
Need of consultancy services
Users of consultancy services
Entertainment services meaning
Entertainment marketing
Reasons behind entertainment marketing
Formulation of marketing mix
Promotion mix
Human resource management Qualities of hrm
Learning objectives
Principles of promotion
Employee training
Importance of training
Basis of promotion
Benefits of employee training
Selection of employee
Steps in scientific selection procedure
Objectives of public relation
Features of public relation
Duties of pro
Types of publication
E-commerce Introduction of generic e- payment system
Phases in e - payment
Requirement of e-payment
Modes of e-payment
Electronic fund transfer
Post- paid payment system and its types
Instant paid payment system
Prepaid payment system
Cyber cash secure payment system
Web page
Web site
Importance of website
Guidelines for constructing web page
Procedure for online shopping
State of e-commerce in india
E-governance Aspects of e-governance
Information management
Identity and access information
Classification of identities
Process of identity management
Process of access management
Advantages of identity and access management
Management object of content management
Essentials of content management
Standard management
Stages of e-governance
Strategies of e-governance in india
Management of hospitality services Services in tourism
Types of activities
Souvenir sellers in open air stalls
Meaning and definition of tourist agency
Factors and operation of a travel agency
Domestic and international
Definition of tour operator
Classification of tour operator
Planning a tour
Marketing material
Sources of information
Government agencies
Department of tourism
India tourism development corporation
State tourism department
Air india
Managerial economics Introduction and definition of public finance
Classification or sources of public revenue
Tax revenue and non-tax revenue
Definition and meaning of public expenditure
Objective of public expenditure
Canons or principles of public expenditure
Classification or types of public expenditure
Meaning of demand
Determinants of demand
The law of demand
Meaning of supply
Determinants of supply
The law of supply
Sales management Meaning of sales management
Meaning of advertising
Distinguish between advertising and salesmanship
Distinguish between advertising and publicity
Objectives of advertising
Media of advertisement
Meaning of sales promotion
Personal qualities of sales management
Types of customers
Computer software applications
Basic Corel draw Introduction and opening screen
Working with text
Working with objects
Selecting objects
Advanced - Corel draw Filling objects
Arranging objects
Special Effects
Basic Photoshop The photoshop screen environment
Palettes and menus
Opening and saving files
Graphic file formats: psd, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp
Defining foreground and background colours
Colour palettes
Painting and editing tools
Making selections
Working with images
Advanced Photoshop and basic flash Working with layers
Applying layers effect working with types
Applying filters
Introduction to flash
Flash authoring environment
Creating objects
Editing objects
Advanced flash Colour and text
Symbols and instances
Bitmaps, sound and video
Frames and layers
English communication skills
Rearrange jumbled words
Picture composition
Open text based assessment (OTBA)
Informal letters
Formal letters
Letter of order
Job application/ CV
Prose Religion of the forest
Modern improvements
Poetry Autumn
Grasshopper and the cricket
Supplementary Barbers trade union
Mathematics and statistics
Relations and Functions
Continuity and derivatives
Differential equations
Linear programming
Bill of exchange
Application of calculus in commerce
Political science
Crisis of the democratic order Gujarat and bihar movements
Conflict of judiciary
Declaration of emergency
Controversies regarding emergency
Lessons from emergencies
Rise of popular movements Chipko movement
Dalits panthers
Bharatiya kisan union
Anti arrack movement
Narmada bacho aandolan
Regional aspirations and conflicts Jammu and kashmir
The north east states
Recent issues and challenges Political rise of the obcs
Ayodhya dispute
Anti muslims riots in gujarat

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Preparation Tips


Candidates appearing for Goa board 12th 2019 exam can go through the preparation tips given below to cover the Goa board 12th syllabus with less difficulty:

  • Prepare a study plan that accommodates time for each subject equally. To prepare a more organised plan, refer to Goa Board 12th datesheet, exam pattern and syllabus beforehand. 

  • Cover the entire syllabus. Sort the topics as per your perception of their difficulty level. Allot more time for the more difficult portions and cover the easier portions first. If there is any doubt, get in touch with teachers for help.

  • Prepare short notes while covering each subject. You can go through these notes during revision instead of going over the entire textbook all over again. Revision is a very essential element one must leave enough time (at least two weeks) for the same.

  • After covering all topics in the syllabus, practise GBSHSE sample papers and question papers of preceding years. This will allow students analyse their preparation level. With regular practice of Goa Board sample papers, one will be acquainted with the paper pattern, type of questions and the important topics. 

  • Do not overburden yourself. Keep stress away by taking short breaks in between the study time. Spend time with family and friends or engage in a hobby. Group studies can also help you prepare for Goa Board 12th 2019 in a more effective manner. 

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Exam Pattern

Goa Board 12th examination pattern comprises details about the question paper such as type of questions, sections in the paper, distribution of marks and so on. GBSHSE exam pattern is different for the various papers that are covered in the exam. For subjects with practicals such as Biology,  Chemistry, Geography and so on, 30 marks will be allotted to the practical marks while the theory paper will be of 70 marks. Students must go through the exam pattern carefully before they start preparing for the exam. This will help them move forward with an organized plan and focus more on the important sections of the paper. 

Goa Board HSSC 2019 Admit Card

Students whose forms are accepted by the conducting body will be issued GBSHSE 12th admit card and students will be able to collect the same from their respective schools. Goa Board 12th admit card includes information like a candidate’s name, roll number, schedule of exam etc. One must carry the admit card to the examination hall as upon failing to do so, they will not be allowed to appear for the exam. Along with GBSHSE 12th admit card, students should carry a valid ID proof such as their school identity card. Students should preserve the document until later as it will be required at the time of checking the result. 

Documents Required at Exam

  • Admit Card
  • Identity Card

GBSHSE has released the Goa board SSC result online on April 30, 2019. To check result, students have to submit their seat numbers/ names in the login window. Goa 12th Board result 2019 can also be checked via SMS by sending the required credentials to the specified number. The result consists of details about a candidate's performance in the exam including subject-wise marks, total score, qualifying status and so on. The result that is declared online is provisional and original mark sheets will be provided soon after, which students can collect from their respective schools. In 2018, GBSHSE 12th result was declared on April 28 and original mark sheets were made available two days after the online release of result.  

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