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TS Inter Result Revaluation and Recounting 2024 Dates Out Today : Check More detail

TS Inter Result Revaluation and Recounting 2024 Dates Out Today : Check More detail

Edited By Praveen Battu | Updated on May 11, 2024 11:42 AM IST | #Telangana Intermediate Board

The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) has announced the TS Inter re-verification and recounting dates today i.e., April 24, 2024. Students seeking to review their papers can opt for the TS Inter re-verification process. The TS Inter re-verification process started from April 25, 2024 and ended on May 2, 2024.

For candidates can visit the official website to check the results of re-verification and recount of their marks. The TS Inter re-verification and recounting 2024 application process is closed on May 2, 2024.

TS Inter Re-verification and Recounting Dates 2024

Here are the TS Inter re-verification and Recounting Dates 2024:


TS Inter re-verification start date

April 25 to May 2, 2024

TS Inter re-verification result

Last week of May 2024 (tentative)

TS Inter recounting start date

April 25 to May 2, 2024

TS Inter recounting result

Last week of May 2024 (tentative)

Instructions for TS Inter Re-verification and Recounting 2024

Here are the important instructions for TS Inter re-verification and Recounting 2024:

  • Candidates must have their TS Inter hall ticket number to register for the re-verification process.

  • The re-verification/recounting application link will be available on the TSBIE portal or can be processed through respective colleges.

  • The re-verification registration fee is Rs. 600 per paper, payable online.

  • After successful payment, candidates should note the acknowledgement number for future reference.

  • Applications for TS Inter re-verification must be submitted before the deadline; late submissions will not be considered.

  • The TS Inter re-verification 2024 result is expected to be published in May 2024.

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TS Intermediate Results 2024 Re-verification/Rechecking

Students unsatisfied with their marks in the TS Inter Results 2024 can opt for TS Inter re-verification 2024. The online application window for recounting, re-verification, and scanned answer scripts will open after the TS Inter Results 2024 declaration.

Candidates can apply for TS Intermediate board exams 2024 re-verification/recounting through The fees are INR 100 per paper for recounting and INR 600 per paper for scanned copy-cum-reverification of answer book.

The difference between Re-verification and Rechecking

It's crucial to understand the difference between TS Inter re-verification and rechecking:

  • Recounting: Involves recounting marks to ensure accuracy in the marksheet.

  • Re-verification: Includes re-verification of answer scripts, with a scanned copy provided to the student.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between TS Inter re-verification and recounting?

Revaluation involves a thorough re-verification of answer scripts, while recounting focuses on verifying the marks awarded for correctness.

2. How can I apply for TS Inter re-verification or recounting?

You can apply for re-verification or recounting by visiting the official TSBIE portal or through your respective college. Ensure you have your TS Inter hall ticket number and follow the specified application process.

3. What is the fee for TS Inter re-verification and recounting?

The fee for TS Inter re-verification is Rs. 600 per paper and Rs. 100 per paper for recounting. Make sure to pay the fees online and note the acknowledgement number for future reference.

4. When can I expect the results of TS Inter re-verification 2024?

The TS Inter re-verification results are tentatively scheduled to be released in the last week of May 2024. Keep an eye on the official website for updates regarding result announcements.


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Questions related to Telangana Intermediate Board

Have a question related to Telangana Intermediate Board ?


Yes, you can repeat your 12th grade even after passing, including on the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE). There are several reasons why students choose to repeat a year, such as aiming for higher marks, switching to a different stream, or improving their subject knowledge for competitive exams.

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Hi aspirant...!

Hope you're doing great....!

So, with regard of you're query. first of all congratulations on the score, so you will definitely get the CSE branch in the Sastra University, as your score is really good. In fact the previous cutoffs for the university for the CSE branch are below 970 marks, and basing upon this you will really get the seat in the university.

Good Luck!!

Hello Aspirant,

Hope you are doing good.

you did not mention to which state you belong to. According to your profile, you belong to Telangana State.

subjects in MEC group are maths, economics and commerce.

mathematics syllabus is:

for 1A, Functions, Matrix, addition of vectors, vector products, trignometric rations up to transformation, hyperbolic equations, properties of triangle.

For 1B, locus, transformation of axis, straight lines, pair of straight lines, three dimensional co-ordinates, direction cosines and direction ratios, the plane, limits and continuity, differentiation and application of derivatives.

Economics syllabus is:

unit 1: Introduction to economics ( definitions of economics, fundamental problems of an economy, nature and scope of economics, micro and macro economics, basic concepts of economics (including positive and normative economics)).

Unit 2: theory of consumer behaviour (utility, laww of diminishing marginal utility, law of equi marginal utility, short comings of utility analysis, indifference curve analysis: features of indifference curves- budget line- consumers equilibrium wityhthe help of different curve analysis.

Unit3: Demand Analysis

part A: Theory of Demand ( meaning of demand, demand function, determination of demand, types of demand, price demand- law of demand, income demand, cross demand).

Part B: elasticity of Demand (elasticity of demand, price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand, cross elasticity of Demand)

Unit 4: prtoduction analysis (concept of production and factors of production, production function, law of variable proportions, laws of returns to scale, economies of scale, supply and law of supply, cost analysis and revenue analysis).

Unit5: Market Analysis (markets meaning and classification, perfect competition: meaning characteristics and price determination, monopoly: meaning, characteristics and price determination, comparison between perfect competition and monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and duopoly: meaning and characteristics.)

Unit 6: theories of Distribution (distribution of income, marginal productivity theory of distribution, concept of rent and recardian theory of rent, concepts of wages, interest and profits.

unit 7: national income analysis( definitions, determination, concepts, components, measurements and estimation)

unit 8: theories of employment and public finance ( classical theory of employment, keynesian theory of income and employment, public finance, center state financial; relations and budget).

unit 9: money, banking and inflation.

unit 10: basic statistics for economics.

Commerce syllabus:

unit 1: fundamentals of business

unit 2: forms of business organizations

unit 3: formation of company as per Companies act, 2013.

unit 4: sources of business finance

unit 5; MSMEs.

hope this information helps...

all the best.

You can find the Telangana intermediate board syllabus on the mentioned below link. You can find second year syllabus of Telangana intermediate board for English, Mathematics, Chemistry, physics, Commerce, Economics, Civics and Geography. Kindly go through the link and scroll down and you will get the syllabus of all the subjects.

Hello aspirant,

According to the press release it was provided that, the intermediate board of Telangana Government, will award grace marks to those candidates who payed the exam fee and were absent for the exams, due to various reasons. The statements were given by the government of Telangana in lieu of COVID - 19 protocol.

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