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TBSE Madhyamik Toppers 2024 - Check Tripura Board Class 10 Toppers’ Marks, Names and Percentage

TBSE Madhyamik Toppers 2024 - Check Tripura Board Class 10 Toppers’ Marks, Names and Percentage

Edited By Manasvini Gupta | Updated on May 24, 2024 12:56 PM IST | #TBSE Madhyamik

Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) publishes the TBSE Madhyamik 2024 toppers list along with the result. The TBSE Class 10 result was announced on May 24, 2024. Students who have appeared in the TBSE Madhyamik exams will be able to access the PDF of Tripura board Madhyamik toppers 2024 marks from the official website,

TBSE Madhyamik Toppers 2024 - Check Tripura Board Class 10 Toppers’ Marks, Names and Percentage
TBSE Madhyamik Toppers 2024 - Check Tripura Board Class 10 Toppers’ Marks, Names and Percentage

Students who will showcase excellent academic performance and remarkable marks across all subjects have the opportunity to become one of the Tripura board 10th toppers 2024. Read further to get complete details on TBSE 2024 Madhyamik toppers.

Tripura Board Madhyamik Toppers 2024

Once the TBSE Madhyamik results 2024 are announced, the board will also announce the TBSE 10th class toppers names along with the rank and marks secured by them. The following table will be updated once the list is out. Meanwhile, check the previous years’ toppers list in the subsequent tables below.

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Tripura Board Class 10 Toppers 2024


Toppers name

Total marks/ Percentage


To be announced



To be announced



To be announced


TBSE Madhyamik Topper List 2020


Student’s name



Dipayab Debnath



Trishasree Dewan



Abhiraj Pau


TBSE Class 10 Topper’s List 2019




Overall grade


Tathagata Datta




Sujata Paul




Narendra Chandra Paul




Souradeep Das




Souradip Bhattacharjee



How to Download TBSE Madhyamik Topper List 2024?

Students will be able to access the topper list Tripura board 10th class 2024 by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the website -

  • Under the ‘notifications’ section, click on the link that says, ‘Tripura Madhyamik Toppers 2024’

  • The Tripura board madhyamik toppers PDF will be displayed on the screen.

  • Download the list of TBSE topper madhyamik exams on your device.

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Details Mentioned in Tripura Madhyamik Toppers List

The following details may be mentioned in the toppers list TBSE 10th std 2024:

  • Toppers names

  • Parents names

  • Marks obtained

  • Percentage

  • School name

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Tripura Board Madhyamik Results Statistics of Previous Years


Number of students who appeared

Overall Pass Percentage (%)


Around 40 thousand























Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Who will be the TBSE 10th topper for 2024?

Student who will score the highest marks in the Madhyamik exam will be the topper. 

2. Can I check the TBSE Toppers list 2024 online?

Yes, the list will be made available online. 


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Questions related to TBSE Madhyamik

Have a question related to TBSE Madhyamik ?

Hello aspirant,

In the month of June, the Tripura Board of Secondary Education will issue the TBSE term 2 result 2022. On the official website,, the Tripura Board publishes the results for classes 10 and 12 in an online format. Tripura Madhyamik result 2022 for term 2 will be declared tentatively in June 2022. In June 2022, the TBSE 12th result 2022 will be announced separately for Science, Commerce, and Arts streams.

For more information you can visit our site by clicking on link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hello Student,

CBSE 10th Class Syllabus 2021-22 for Science - Term 1


Chapters and Topics

Total Marks

  1. Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour

  • Chapter -1 Chemical reactions and equations

Chemical reactions: Chemical equation, Balanced chemical equation, implications of a balanced

chemical equation, types of chemical reactions: combination, decomposition, displacement, double

displacement, precipitation, neutralization, oxidation and reduction.

  • Chapter – 2 Acids, Bases and Salts

Acids, bases and salts: Their definitions in terms of furnishing of H+

and OHions, General properties,

examples and uses, concept of pH scale (Definition relating to logarithm not required), importance of

pH in everyday life; preparation and uses of Sodium Hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking soda,

Washing soda and Plaster of Paris.

Chapter – 3 Metals and non – metals

Metals and nonmetals: Properties of metals and non-metals; Reactivity series; Formation and

properties of ionic compounds.

16 Marks

  1. World of Living

Chapter – 6 Life processes

Life processes: ‘Living Being’. Basic concept of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion in plants

and animals.

10 Marks

  1. Natural Phenomena

Chapter – 10 Light – Reflection and Refraction

Reflection of light by curved surfaces; Images formed by spherical mirrors, centre of curvature,

principal axis, principal focus, focal length, mirror formula (Derivation not required), magnification.

Refraction; Laws of refraction, refractive index.

Refraction of light by spherical lens; Image formed by spherical lenses; Lens formula (Derivation not

required); Magnification. Power of a lens.

Chapter – 11 Human eye and colorful world

Refraction of light through a prism, dispersion of light, scattering of light, applications in daily life.

14 Marks

Total Theory

40 Marks

Internal Assessment

10 Marks


50 Marks

Hey there

Your question is looking incomplete and quite not understable. You have not written the question properly neither you have tagged any thing in your question. Please ask the question again including much details so that I can answer your question along with the links. However for getting any details about colleges and Universities you can click on below link:


In Madhyamik most of the questions are based on the books. If you have sincerely studied the topics from the books then you can definitely score good marks in the boards. Very few questions will be tricky. Practice the test papers as it will be really helpful for the preparation of the exam. You can grasp the question style, difficulty and paper pattern by practicing the test papers. Also, practice the previous years question papers as well.

You can download the sample papers of TBSE Madhyamik 2021 from the link below

Hope it helps!

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Hii Ayush!
The Tripura board of Secondary Education ( TBSE ) will conduct the class 12th examination in the month of March or April. You can download the test papers with the help of the following link -
Hope this helps.
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