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NTSE Preparation Tips 2024 - Know How to Prepare NTSE Exam?

NTSE Preparation Tips 2024 - Know How to Prepare NTSE Exam?

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NTSE Preparation 2024 Tips– As per the latest notification released by NCERT, the NTSE scheme has been stalled till further notice. We will provide the latest updates and information as an when it will be available on the official website. Students who are preparing for NTSE 2024 exam should be aware of how to prepare and what to prepare to get good marks. NTSE exam is conducted in two stages, Stage 1 (State-level) and Stage 2 (National-Level) to award scholarships to meritorious students. The stage 1 exam and stage 2 exam dates are yet to be announced.
- Start solving NTSE question papers to practice with various questions.

NTSE Preparation Tips 2024 - Know How to Prepare NTSE Exam?
NTSE Preparation Tips 2024 - Know How to Prepare NTSE Exam?

The exam pattern and syllabus are similar in both stages but the difficulty level will be a bit high in the NTSE stage 2 exam. Aspirants should work hard to obtain good marks in the NTSE exam 2024, which is around the corner. Here, we have provided simple but useful NTSE preparation tips to make students ready for the final day. NTSE 2024 preparation tips include how and what to prepare for qualifying for the scholarship test with flying colours. These NTSE preparation tips and tricks are useful for stage 1 and stage 2 exams.
Know the NTSE result and NTSE cutoff updates here!

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How to Prepare for NTSE 2024?

Here are some NTSE preparation tips to help you ace the exam with high scores-

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1. Understand the Basics

Students must understand the basic concepts well and learn how to apply them to various problems instead of just mugging up the facts. Only the practical use of knowledge will let one win the coveted scholarship. Besides, it is mandatory to know the exam patterns and syllabus of both stages, so that students can make a proper study schedule. Below are the exam pattern and some important topics-

NTSE previous year sample papers
Free Download NTSE previous year sample papers from here.
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NTSE 2024 Exam Pattern

The paper pattern for stages I and II remain the same whether it is maximum marks, duration, or number of questions-


Number of questions

Maximum marks

Duration (Minutes)





SAT – Maths, Science and Social Science




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NTSE 2024 Syllabus

Students must cover the entire syllabus of classes 9 and 10 to prepare for NTSE 2023 Exam as NCERT doesn't provide any specific syllabus for the test.


Important Topics

NTSE MAT Syllabus

Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Venn Diagrams, Distance and Direction, Ranking and Arrangements, Word Problems, etc

NTSE Science Syllabus

Reproduction, Measurements, Carbon & Compounds, Motion, Force, Work & Energy, Source of Energy, Acid, Base & Salt, Meta & Non-Metals

NTSE Social Science Syllabus

French Revolutions, Indian Freedom Struggle, Indus Valley Civilization, World War I and II, Maps & Globe, Natural Vegetation, Climate, Solar System, Indian Constitution, Indian Government, Judiciary

NTSE Mathematics Syllabus

Number Systems, Arithmetic Progressions, Quadratic Equations, Square Roots, surface Areas, Percentage, Simple & Compound Interest, Triangle, Linear Equations, etc.

Also, read NTSE exam form 2024

2. Prepare Notes

NTSE 2024 preparation can be very fruitful if candidates prepare notes to learn formulas, definitions, and equations. Logically, writing down these formulas should help one to learn them easily. Alongside, it is an easy way to carry notes wherever you want instead of carrying heavy books. At the time of revision you don't have to read the complete chapter, just go through these notes thoroughly to revise the syllabus.

3. Revise Regularly

Revision is an important part of every preparation strategy. Without revision, students can easily forget important facts easily. Hence, it is advised to revise the previously covered syllabus before moving to a new chapter. This will help you to keep a hold on important topics and save you from the last-minute hassles. You can also revise the important topics by solving NTSE sample papers.

4. Ask the Experts

As candidates have to prepare for NTSE stage 1 along with the 10th board syllabus and for stage 2 thereafter, they will not have much time to research on a topic that isn’t simply understood. Candidates should ask friends or someone who is qualified enough to explain it and move on. Check the NTSE Topper's Interview

5. Group Study for NTSE Preparation

Studying with a group of friends is always fun. Students can sit with friends and cousins of the same age and study together. Explaining things to others and listening to others’ points of view offers a rich study experience. This helps in understanding the concepts faster and easier. Alongside, boring topics will become interesting in group study sessions and help students to extend their study schedule longer.

6. Solve NTSE Previous Year's Question Papers

Solving NTSE question papers and sample papers regularly should give you a fair idea of important topics and sections. These previous year's papers will also make students familiar with the exam pattern, marking scheme, duration etc. Students are advised to solve the question papers or sample papers within the stipulated time. Prioritise your study list accordingly.

7. Exercise and Keep Fit

Small recreational breaks during the study hours for jogging, cycling or a 15-minute round of badminton can help candidates freshen up and be more alert for the next rigorous study session. Also be sure to sleep a lot, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and smile a lot. These little things will go far in keeping one healthy, confident, and relaxed.

Best Books for NTSE Preparation

Apart from NTSE preparation tips, candidates must also know the best books for NTSE 2024. Since NCERT will be conducting the exam, a thorough revision of the textbooks should be helpful. However, one has to be selective while studying these books as not all topics might be important from an NTSE point of view. Instead, candidates may pick up focused NTSE 2024 study material that has been developed to highlight the topics that are more important for this particular exam.


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Questions related to NTSE

Have a question related to NTSE ?


there has not been an announcement for the NTSE Tamil Nadu 2023-24 examination. It is recommended to regularly check the official NTSE website or contact the State Education Board of Tamil Nadu for the latest updates and announcements regarding the NTSE examination schedule.

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Hello aspirant,

The NTSE Delhi registration form 2023 is made available by the Directorate of Education. The official website will host the NTSE Delhi 2023 form. The filled-out NTSE Delhi 2023 application form and admit card must be submitted by students to the head of the school after downloading the documents.

To get complete syllabus, please visit the following link.

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Hello aspirant,

The online application for the NTSE is released by the Exam Regulatory Authority, Uttar Pradesh. The online application for the NTSE UP 2023 will be accessible at Students in Class 10 in UP who are enrolled in their respective schools are eligible to take the NTSE Uttar Pradesh 2023 exam.

To get the complete information, you can visit our site by clicking on the link given below.

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Hello aspirant,

Below are some of the best books that you can go for the preparation for NTSE exam :

  • Study Package for NTSE class X (1st & 2nd edition)- Mcgraw Hill.
  • Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 1st edition – Saurabh Priyadarshini & Navin C. Joshi.
  • Study Guide for NTSE for Class 10 – Disha Publication.
  • Maths Class X – R.D Sharma.
  • Study Package For NTSE Class 10 (English) 1st & 2nd Edition.
  • A Comprehensive Manual For NTSE For Class 10 (English)
  • Study Guide For NTSE National Talent Search Examination Class 10 (English)
  • Practice Test Papers For NTSE Class 10 1st Edition.

Basically, NCERT textbooks of Class 9 science and NCERT 10th Science books are the best books for NTSE examination.

Further, to know more about the best books for preparation for NTSE examination, you can follow the below mentioned link to know more about it :,best%20books%20for%20NTSE%202021.

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Hello Aspirant,

Hope you are doing great. Due to a few administrative issues, NCERT has postponed the administration of the NTSE exam 2022. Earlier, January 15, 16, and 30 were designated as the dates for the NTSE 2022 Stage 1 exam. Soon, the revised dates for the same will be released. All students must get serious about their NTSE preparation if they want to do well. The candidates must choose the top books for the NTSE 2022 exam and begin studying for the exam because of the examination's moderate difficulty and the level of competition. Along with being crucial in exam preparation, teachers should assist students in developing a plan  and a detailed schedule so that they can finish the entire syllabus on time.

You can refer the below link for links, PDF's and details:


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