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Karnataka State Board Books for 1st PUC - Download PDF Free Online

Karnataka State Board Books for 1st PUC - Download PDF Free Online

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The Karnataka State Board textbooks for 1st PUC in PDF format allow students to study multiple subjects depending on the stream they choose, whether it be mathematics or science. It is essential for the students to have access to various handbooks for learning. This is in addition to the supplementary reading materials are required to achieve high marks in the Karnataka board examinations. Although the subjects may vary, all the books are designed based on the Karnataka State Board Books Class 1st PUC syllabus.

The significance of the Karnataka State Board textbooks for 1st PUC PDF 2024 lies in the resources and useful links they provide, such as 1st PUC test materials, question papers, model questions, and the syllabus. These resources are beneficial for students. Additionally, we offer some tips on how to make the most out of Karnataka 1st PUC books.

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The free download of Karnataka State Board books for 1st PUC PDF is an important resource for students preparing for their examinations. Many students tend to view the 1st PUC as less significant compared to the Class 10th and 2nd PUC. However, not many students realise that the KSEEB 1st PUC is a crucial year, as it is the time when they get to choose subjects relevant to their future career plans and have the opportunity to specialise in particular subjects of their choice.

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The Karnataka 1st PUC textbooks for Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology follow the Karnataka board Science syllabus for the 1st PUC. For Mathematics, the syllabus is based on the Karnataka State Board textbooks for the 1st PUC PDF 2024 Maths syllabus. The types of handbooks available range from online materials (content available on the web in formats such as epub, PDF, textbook, etc.) to primary textbooks, manuals, workbooks, reference books, and exercise books.

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Karnataka State Board Books for 1st PUC PDF

Students can download the subject-wise Karnataka 1st PUC textbook in PDF format. Also, the Karnataka 1st PUC textbook is based on the latest syllabus 2024. Here below are the textbook PDFs of all subjects of Karnataka 1st PUC:

How to Download Karnataka Board 1st PUC Books?

The Karnataka Board textbooks of all subjects can be downloaded from the official website of the Karnataka Board. Students can follow the steps given below to download the Karnataka 1st PUC textbooks 2024:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website -
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Syllabus and Textbooks’ on the topmost bar of the website
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Click here for 1st PUC Textbooks’
  • Step 4: The language textbooks will be displayed. For other subjects scroll down to see the mediums (English/Kannada)
  • Step 5: Click on the desired Medium of Language. Choose the appropriate textbook. The file will be opened on Google Drive. Click on the download option in the upper right corner of the PDF file.
  • Step 6: Choose the appropriate location for your book and click save. The PDF book will be available on your computer/mobile

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many marks are assigned to the theory paper in the 1st PUC paper?

The Karnataka Board 1st PUC theory paper accounts for a total of 70 marks. 

2. Do all the Karnataka state board 1st PUC textbook pdf downloads consist of intext questions?

Yes, the Karnataka state board 1st PUC textbook pdf download has intext questions almost after every topic. 

3. How many Subject books are available ?

All the subject books for 1st PUC are available in the pdf form for free download. 

4. Which is the conducting body of the Karnataka Board Class 1st PUC Examination?

The examination is conducted by the Directorate of Government Examinations, Karnataka.

5. What is minimum percentage required to clear/pass the KSEAB 1st PUC exam?

A Candidate/student needs to secure a minimum of 35% in each subject and aggregate to clear the Karnataka 1st PUC exams.


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Questions related to Karnataka PUC Board

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When it comes to question papers, they are generally designed to assess your understanding of the subject and your ability to apply the concepts you've learned. While the blueprint or syllabus provides a general knowledge or area of what topics may be covered, the actual questions can vary.

Professors often create questions that test different aspects of the subject, such as theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, or critical thinking. Hence while the blueprint can give you an idea of what to expect, it's important to study the entire syllabus and be well prepared for any type of question.

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They both basically belongs to the S-Block of the periodic table. Alkali metals are the 1st group elements and alkaline earth metals are 2nd group elements

Hello Aspirant,

Hope you are doing good.

Solving PUC blueprint will help in giving the idea of exam pattern and marking scheme. through which confidence will be gained for writing the exam .

To download the blue print refer to the below given link and also for the more details:

Hope this helps you.

All the best.


Department of Pre-University Education will declare the first PUC result in May 2022, tentatively. The Karnataka 1st PUC result 2022 will be released on the official website of the Karnataka Board The officials have not yet declared the exact dates for the results keep an eye on the official website or the link below for the latest information. The Karnataka board result 2022 will also be made available via SMS.


You have tagged PUC   karnataka board.

In karnataka board, the passing marks is 35 % in each subject.

So, if your subject is of 100 marks then to pass that subject you need at least 35 marks.
It means with 31 marks, you will fail in your examination.

For details checkout:-

Follow the given below tips to score well in your board examination :-

---------) Go well through your textbooks

---------) While reading the book, underline the important points and then later make short notes

---------) Do go through the questions at the end of the chapter, just reading is not going to help.

---------) Follow a routine, it should be such that it moves around 3 important things i. e first studying, then practicing questions and finally revision.

---------) Focus relatively more on your weak subject so that you can make them strong

---------) Have daily, weekly and monthly goals like you will complete these topics today , these chapter by the end of the week and these many chapters by the end of the month

---------) Be practical in your approach. For example, if you need 4 days to complete a chapter but you plan to finish it in 1 day from scratch then that's not going to help you, at  the end of the day it will give you disappointment and down your morale, so be practical.

---------) Complete your syllabus at least 1 month before your board examination so that you can give it for revision and practicing questions

---------) solve previous year question papers :- it will be really of great help to you because you will know what type of questions are asked in the exam, their difficulty level , examination pattern etc

---------) Go through chapterwise and unitwise test and once you're done with the complete syllabus ,go through full mock test papers. And do at least 5-10 full mock test papers in each subject.

---------) practicing days full mock test papers will let you know the level of your preparation for your board examination .

---------) after each mock test analyse your performance to know your mistakes / weak areas , after that you need to work on improving them in the subsequent mock tests .

I hope that you find this helpful.

Thank you

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