About Kerala DHSE 2020

Department of Higher Secondary Education organizes Kerala DHSE +2 exams in the state. Students who have passed the first year exams of Kerala DHSE can appear for +2 exams. The applications are held in offline mode through respective schools. Here are the highlights of Kerala DHSE 2020 exams:

  • Kerala plus two time table 2020 for the Kerala DHSE exams has been released on November 5, 2019. 
  • The admit cards will be made available offline through respective schools.
  • Students should go through Kerala DHSE Syllabus 2020 to know the topics they need to study.
  • The board will conduct the Kerala Department of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) class 12th examination from the March 10 to 26, 2020.
  • Around 4.4 lakh students will appear for Kerala DHSE 2020 exams.
  • Kerala +2 result 2020 will be declared in the second week of May 2020 on Keralaresults.nic.in.
  • 2nd-year scrutiny or re-evaluation result will be announced in the first week of July 2020 on the official website.
Exam level: Intermediate
Frequency: Once a year
Languages English, Malayalam
Conducting Body: Kerala Board of Public Examinations
Duration 2 Hours 30 Minutes

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Kerala DHSE 2020 Important Dates

Upcoming Dates and Events

10 Mar, 2020

Exam - Part – II Languages, Computer Information Technology (Old), Computer Science and Information Technology | Mode: Offline

11 Mar, 2020

Exam - Part 1- English | Mode: Offline

16 Mar, 2020

Exam - Chemistry, Gandhian Studies, Anthropology, Subsidiary | Mode: Offline

17 Mar, 2020

Exam - Economics, Aesthetics | Mode: Offline

18 Mar, 2020

Exam - Physics, Philosophy, English Literature, Sociology | Mode: Offline

19 Mar, 2020

Exam - Music, Accountancy, Geography, Social Work, Sanskrit Sahitya | Mode: Offline

23 Mar, 2020

Exam - Mathematics, Political Science, Journalism | Mode: Offline

24 Mar, 2020

Exam - Business Studies, Psychology, Electronic Service Technology (Old), Electronic Systems, Main (Arts) | Mode: Offline

25 Mar, 2020

Exam - History, Islamic History & Culture, Computer Application, Home Science, Computer Science | Mode: Offline

26 Mar, 2020

Exam - Biology, Geology, Sanskrit Sastra, Electronics, Communicative English, Statistics, Part- 3 Languages, Literature (Arts) | Mode: Offline

08 May, 2020 (Tentative)

Result | Mode: Offline

Kerala DHSE 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Department of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) Kerala, has specified the eligibility criteria for Kerala second year DHSE examination. Only those candidates who fulfil the Kerala DHSE eligibility criteria 2020 are eligible to appear for the Kerala DHSE +2 exams. Eligibility criteria of Kerala DHSE 2020 is given below: 

  • Qualification and Minimum marks: The candidate must have secured D+ or above grade in all subjects of the first year higher secondary examination, i.e. class 11.
  • Continuous evaluation (CE): The candidate must have undergone continuous evaluation for each subject, such that must have submitted the assignments and projects on time. 
  • Minimum attendance: This rule is only applicable to regular school-going candidates. As per the Kerala DHSE eligibility criteria, a regular school-going student must have completed the minimum required percentage of attendance.
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Kerala DHSE 2020 Application Process

Mode of Application : Offline

Mode of Payment : Other

  • Regular school-going candidates are not required to personally submit an application form of Kerala DHSE 2020 for registering for class 12 examination. 
  • Their school authorities have to register them for the second year higher secondary examination of Kerala. 
  • The school going regular candidates were only required to remit the prescribed fee at their school office to register for Kerala DHSE 2020.
  • Open school or private or compartment candidates can submit the Kerala DHSE application form 2020 tentatively in the month of December 2020.
  • The form to be submitted before the last date. 
  • Aspirants of Kerala DHSE 2020 can download the application form from the official website of DHSE, and submit the duly filled application form with required documents to the Principal of the respective centre they are allotted. 
  • The Kerala DHSE 2020 application form submitted after the last date are not accepted. 

Kerala DHSE 2020 Syllabus

Fights of Freedom
The 3ls of Empowerment
Any Woman
The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon
Hello and welcome
Films at a glance
Mitr, my friend
English vinglish
Hindi (Optional)
Tamil (Optional)
English(Literature opt)
The Wild Swans at Coole
The Unknown Citizen
No More Hiroshima’s
Doves on the Wing
We too are Human Beings
Excerpts from 'The Sixth Sense' (Screenplay)
In Memory of Azores
Anthropological Research Methods and Techniques
Anthropological theories Of Culture
La Communication
Un voyage en avion
Dejeuner du matin-(Paroles) de Jacques Prevert
Le courier electronique
Arabic Opt
Urdu Opt
Islamic History
The Abbasid Khilafath the Cosmopolitan Empire
Muslim Khilfath in the Afro-Asian Continents
Sanskrit (Satya Opt)
Vyakaran Shasthram
Thark Shasthram
Jyothi Shasthram
Electronics (Power Supplies and Voltage Stabilisers)
Need for regulated Power supply
Regulated power supply
Types of Voltage Regulators
Rectifying Circuit
Electronics (Waveshaping Circuits)
Clipping Circuits
Negative clipper
Biased Clipper
Positive clipper with positive biasing
Negative clipper with negative biasing
Combinational clipper
Clamping Circuits
Positive and negative clamping
Negative clamper
During the negative half cycle, the diode becomes reverse
Positive Clamper
Biased Clamper
Biased positive clamper
Differentiating Circuit
Integrating Circuit
Input and output waveform of an integrator
OP-AMP Circuits
Non inverting amplifier configuration
Voltage follower
Summing Amplifier
Sub tractor Circuit using OPAMP
Integrator Circuit using OPAMP
Output waveform of integrator
Differentiator circuit using OP-AMP
Differentiator-output waveform
Comparator circuit
Filter types
Low Pass Filter Circuit
Frequency Response of a Low Pass Filter
The High Pass Filter Circuit
Frequency Response of a High pass Filter
Band Pass Filter Circuit
Practical Band pass filter circuit
Combining frequency responses of LPF and HPF
Frequency Response of a Band Pass Filter
Block diagram of band reject filter
Frequency Response of a Band Reject Filter
Computer Application(Humanities)- Publishing
Publishing through print media
Electronic Publishing
Web based publishing
Digital distribution
Computer Application(Humanities)- Word Processors
Features of a word processor
Libre Office Writer IDE
Creating a new document
Saving a document
Closing a document
Opening a document
Editing a document
Prerequisites for editing
Cut, Copy, and Paste functions
Deleting text
Find and Replace facility
Formatting the document
Character formatting
Copying a format
Paragraph formatting
Bullets and Numbering
Page formatting
Printing the document
Computer Application(Commerce)
Review of C++ Programming
Web Technology
Web Designing Using HTML
Client side scripting using javascript
Web Hosting
Database management system
Structured query language
Enterprise Resource Planning
Trends and Issues in ICT
Computer Science-Structures and Pointers
Methods of memory allocation
Operations on pointers
Pointer and array
Pointer and string
pointer and structure
Computer Science-Concept of object oriented Programming
Programming paradigm
Basic concepts of oop
Geology-The word of Rocks
Types of rocks
Igneous rocks
Sedimentary rocks
Metamorphic rocks
The rock cycle
Economic Mineral Deposits
Fossil Fuels
Geological Structures
History of the Earth
Geology and Environment
Geological Hazards and Disaster Management
Journalism-Writing for Magazines
What is a magazine?
Characteristics of magazines
Difference between newspaper and magazine
Size and appearance
Design and layout
Target audience
Display ads
Visual strength
Shelf life
Journalism-Basics of magazine writing
How to structure a magazine article
Tell a story
The beginning
The middle
The ending
Extra credit
Journalism-Magazine writing styles
Narrative writing
Serialized narrative writing
Descriptive writing
Persuasive writing
Imaginative writing
Visual writing
Multiple inverted pyramid
History of magazines
Magazines in India
Magazines in Malayalam
Future of magazines in the digital era
Journalism-Types of magazines
General interest magazines
Special interest magazines
Journalism-Content of magazine
Cover story
Structure of a feature
Journalism-Types of features
Profiles or personality features
Historical features
News features
Human interest features
Photo features
Communicative English-Learning with Technology
Discuss in groups
Spot the Difference
Discuss and complete the table
Write an e-mail
Modify an e-mail
Analysing Subject Lines
Greetings and Sign-offs
Writing an e-mail
Communicative English-Net Addiction
Let's go to Friend Page and fill in the profile
Now look at the Friend Page house rules. Complete the rules with must/mustn't
Posting a comment
Create a Face book page for your class
Read the text again and find these numbers
Communicative English-Blogs
Create a Blog
Go through the following table of discourse markers
Match the columns
Prepare news tweets
Now look at the following sentences and identify the expressions and their function
Match the following
Correlation Analysis
Regression analysis
Elementary Calculus
Random variables
Discrete Probability Distribution
Normal Distribution
Sampling distributions
Estimation of Parameters
Testing of hypothesis
Analysis of variance
Statistical quality control
Time series analysis
Index numbers
Prima Pars: Bonitatis Mundus
Secunda Pars: Amoris Mundus
Tertia Pars: Creationis Coronaet Custossapiens
Quarta Pars: Romani Nobiles
Doctors learn Latin
Lawyers learn Latin
Mathematical terms
All things roman
Ancient roman quotes
The Latin language
Profession Lexicon
Wer, Wo, Was
Lesetext 1
Lesetext 2
Syriac (West)
Habit is the intersection of knowledge (What to do), skill (How to do), and desire (Want to do) - Stephen R. Covey
“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet”
A winner is someone who recognizes his God
Syriac (East)
Home science
Food and nutrition
Fibre Science
Extension education
Social Work-Social Work Primary Methods
Working with Individuals
Working with Groups
Working with Community
Gandhian Studies
Hind Swaraj
Historical background
Contents of Hind Swaraj
Gandhiji's concept of Swaraj
Gandhiji's criticism of Parliamentary Democracy
Gandhiji's views on Civilization
Characteristics of True Civilization
Gandhiji's critique of Modern Civilization
Gandhiji's views on Passive Resistance, Education Machinery
Doing Philosophy
Characteristics of Philosophic concepts
Learning philosophy
System Norms
Uses of learning philosophy
Philosophy-Philosophy of Prasthanatraya
Bhagavat Gita
Concept of yoga
Ideal of Nishkama Karma
Music-Part 1
Classification of Janya Ragas
Musical forms
Music of Kerala

Kerala DHSE 2020 Preparation Tips

  • To prepare better and score well in the Kerala DHSE 2020 examinations, candidates should make timetable according to their strong and weak subjects. 
  • They should ensure to complete the entire Kerala DHSE 2020 syllabus for class 12 at least two months before the exams, so they are able to devote the remaining time to revise and practice with Kerala DHSE question papers.
  • Practice as many mock tests and previous year question papers of Kerala DHSE possible in February 2020. While practising the tests, make sure to bound time.
  • In between studies, take regular breaks intervals, as these intervals give a breathing space to the Kerala DHSE 2020 preparation. 
  • After doing a mock test or previous year paper, evaluate your mistakes and strong areas. One can also note the important points down in a separate notebook. 
  • Most importantly, while one prepares for the theoretical portion of Terminal Examination (TE), do not forget to prepare yourself for PE and keep a good record in the submission of assignments and projects for CE. 

Kerala DHSE 2020 Exam Pattern

  • Each exam of Kerala DHSE 2020 will be conducted for a duration of 2 to 2.5 hours in offline mode. 
  • Broadly, the examination of every subject has three components, i.e. terminal examination (TE), continuous examination (CE) and practical examination (PE). 
  • A candidate will be required to secure a grade of D+ or above, with a minimum of 30% aggregate score in CE, PE, and TE, when taken together, and at least 30% in TE separately, to pass any subject. 
  • Aspirants of Kerala DHSE class 12 examination can find the overview of Kerala DHSE exam pattern 2020 and subject-wise exam pattern below. 

Kerala DHSE +2 Exam Pattern 2020                                                    

Mode of examinationPen and paper format
Duration of exam2 to 2.5 hours
Total marks100
Examination componentsTerminal examination
Continuous examination
Practical examination
Qualifying criteria

D+ or above (30% aggregate); and a minimum of 30% in TE separately

Subject-wise Kerala DHSE 2020 Exam Pattern

SubjectDurationTotal marksQualifying score for TEOverall qualifying score
 (Botany and Zoology)

Computer science21001830
Political science2.51002430

Documents Required at Exam

  • School ID card
  • Kerala DHSE admit card

The result of Kerala DHSE 2020 will be declared in the online mode in the first second week of May 2020. Kerala DHSE +2 result can be checked on the official website: keralaresults.nic.in. Candidates need to enter their roll number and date of birth to check the Kerala DHSE class 12 examination result.

How to check Kerala DHSE +2 result 2020?

  • Visit the official website and click on the link of DHSE result 2020.
  • Enter roll number and other details in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on submit button. 
  • DHSE Kerala +2 result will open on the screen.
  • Take a printout or screenshot of the same and keep it safe.

Kerala DHSE 2020 final result is determined by combining the scores of each subject of the first year and second-year secondary examination.
The scrutiny or re-evaluation result will be released in the first week of July 2020 and followed by supplementary result.

Qualifying Marks Trend

Year Category Cutoff
2019 General 30

General Information

Questions related to Kerala DHSE

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Tell me full details of Kerala BPE and what is the difference of Kerala BPE and Jharkhand board who is the best board for B.tech, M.tech, MBA, or other government job private job and other higher education

Vemireddy Rushitha Student Expert 7th Sep, 2019

Hello student,

Top BPE colleges in Kerala are

1. Mahatma Gandhi University

2.St Joseph's Academy of Higher Education and Research

Best of both can be not well defined as both colleges are well reputed and can fulfil all your above stated demands.  You can go with the one in which you secured a good rank as both are something tough to achieve.

Thank you!


Kerala board is reported board or not plzz tell me all details in Kerala board plzz I am very comfuj or agar mein es bord se 12th krta huun or fir b.tech krunga or fir higher education mein koi dikt toh nhi hoga na ya koi government job ya koi private job mein kisi v chij ka dikat toh nhi krega ye

Mahaveer Reddy Student Expert 11th Sep, 2019

Dear aspirant,

Unsourced material might be tested and evacuated. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Kerala is a leading body of school instruction in India, led by the administration of the province of Kerala, India. The board readies the schedule for schools associated with it.

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Kerala is a leading body of school instruction in India, directed by the administration of the territory of Kerala, India. The board readies the schedule for schools associated with it. Their fundamental scholastic spotlight is on restorative consideration, designing and telemarketing.

The CBSE schedule is relatively harder than the state prospectus. ... Top national level placement tests like JEE and NEET depend on the educational program of CBSE as it were. Thus, the up-and-comers, who finished their instruction in the CBSE prospectus, have a superior shot of prevailing in these assessments.

Good Luck

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