About Odisha CHSE 2020

Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha is the responsible authority to conduct class 12th examination in the state. Class 12 exams of Odisha is called as Odisha CHSE exams. Students who have completed their class 11 from Odisha board or any other recognized board can apply to appear for the Odisha CHSE 2020 exams. The applications for Odisha CHSE exams 2020 are accepted through schools. Here are the major highlights of Odisha 12th board exams 2020:

  • The council will release Odisha CHSE time table 2020 in the second week of December 2019 on chseodisha.nic.in.
  • Practical exams of Odisha CHSE 2020 will be held in the month of February 2020. 
  • The theory exams of Odisha 12th board will be organized tentatively from March 7 to March 30, 2020. 
  • Students preparing for Odisha 12th exams must know Odisha CHSE syllabus 2020 to devise a strategy for preparations.
  • They should cover entire syllabus at least two months before the exams so that they have ample time for revision.
  • Students should also solve Odisha CHSE question papers to practise with the types of questions asked in Odisha CHSE exams 2020.
  • After the conduction of Odisha CHSE 2020 exams, the council will release the class 12 result for Arts, Science and Commerce students.
  • Odisha CHSE 2020 result for science stream will be released in the first week of June 2020 while for arts and commerce students, the results will be announced in the third week of June 2020.
  • Students will have to enter roll number and application number to view Odisha CHSE result 2020.
  • The online result of Odisha CHSE 12th 2020 can be used for admission to higher education universities and institutes.
Exam level: Intermediate
Frequency: Once a year
Languages English, Oriya
Conducting Body: Board of Seconday Education, Odisha
Duration 3 Hours

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Odisha CHSE 2020 Important Dates

Upcoming Dates and Events

07 Mar, 2020 - 30 Mar, 2020 (Tentative)

Exam | Mode: Offline

01 Jun, 2020 - 07 Jun, 2020 (Tentative)

Result - Science | Mode: Online

18 Jun, 2020 - 24 Jun, 2020 (Tentative)

Result - Commerce and Arts | Mode: Online

Odisha CHSE 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates appearing for Odisha CHSE 12th examination are required to fulfil the eligibility criteria of Odisha CHSE 12th board in order to become eligible for appearing in the exam. Only those candidates who satisfy the Odisha CHSE 2020 eligibility criteria are allowed to sit for the exam. Given below is an overview of Odisha CHSE 12th exams for 2020.

  • The students must have cleared class 11 exams from a recognized board.
  • Regular students who have studied class 12 from a school recognized by Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), are eligible to appear for Odisha CHSE 2020 examination. 
  • Students enrolled in a correspondence program, are also eligible to appear for Odisha CHSE 2020 exams.

Odisha CHSE 2020 Application Process

Mode of Application : Offline

Mode of Payment : Other

  • Aspirants have to fill and submit the application form of Odisha 12th exams 2020, before the last date of submission fixed by the examination committee.
  • They will have to submit the form along with prescribed application fee to register for Odisha CHSE 2020 exams. 
  • Candidates have to submit the duly filled CHSE Odisha application form 2020 for Class 12 board exam to the respective schools.
  • Candidates are provided about 10 days by the board to correct the deficiencies or mistakes (if any) in the application form of Odisha CHSE 2020.
Computer application 11th class (3'd & 4th Elective)
Introductions to computer, generation of computer, parts of computer, software
Language, memory, storage media
Operating system, number system
DOS operating system, WINDOWS operating system, word processing
computer application 12th class 3rd and 4th elective, paper-Il, group-VII
Use of computer in different fields, introductions to internet, computer network
Spread sheet and its operation
Database management system
Programming in C
Biotechnology practical 11th class
Preparation of buffers and pH determination
Study of various stages of mitosis and calculation of mitotic index
Preparation of karyo typing
Isolation of genomic DNA
Biotechnology practical 12th class
Sterilization techniques
Preparation of bacterial growth medium
Isolation of bacteria from curd and staining of bacteria
Determination of bacterial growth curve
Cell counting
Business economics
Introductory micro-economics
Introductry macro-economics
English 11th class
Non detailed study
Writing skills
English 12th class
Non detailed study
Writing skills
Bengali 11th class
Amplification (bhabsamprasaran)
(Composition) - letter writing
Text book prescribed
Bengali 12th class
Novel - (non-detailed)
Grammar and essay
Telugu 11th class
Non - detail
Grammar, writing / general essay
Telugu 12th class
Non - detail
Grammar, re-translation
Urdu 11th class
Prose portion
Poetry portion, ghazaliyat portions
Non detailed studies, taubatun nasooh, musaddas-e-hali
Letter writing
Urdu 12th class
Prose portion
Poetry portion, ghazaliyat rubaiyat portions
Non detailed studies, taubatun nasooh, musaddas-e-hali
Essay, comprehension
Sanskrit 11th class
Reading skill
Writing skill
Literary text
Sanskrit 12th class
Reading skill
Writing skill
Literary text
Alternative English 11th class
Short stories
One-act plays
Grammar and usage
Alternative English 12th class
Short stories
One-act plays
Grammar and usage
Environmental education
Man and environment, natural resources
Environmental pollution
Environmental management, environmental laws
Road safety
Yoga 11th class
Concept yoga
Basic principles of yoga practice
Branches of yoga
Concept of asthanga yoga
Yoga and personality development
Yoga 12th class
Basic computer education 11th class
Computer fundamentals: necessity and uses of computer, what is computer?
Operating system: types, software, dos and windows : fundamentals and commands, security and anti-virus
Internet and computer security: introduction to internet, net browsing, emails, networking and its types, topology, computer crime, components required for internet, saving and printing the web files
Odia Elective
Bengali Elective 11th class
History of Bengali literature
Short - Story
Bengali Elective 12th class
Naibedya - rabindranath tagore
History of Bengali literature
Short - Story
Hindi elective 11th class
Hindi elective 12th class
Telugu elective 11th class
Telugu elective 12th class
Udru elective 11th class
History of urdu literature (prose)
Short stories
Udru elective 12th class
Chand ham asar
Sanskrit elective 11th class
History of sanskrit literature
Grammar and translation
Sanskrit elective 12th class
Grammar and translation
History 11th class paper-I
History : meaning and relevance
Ancient greece
Major religions
Innovations and technological changes : industrial revolutions
World war-I : causes and consequences
History 12th class paper-II
Sources of Indian history : archaeological, literary, foreign accounts and archival
Religious movements of sixth century B.C. - jainism and buddhism : a critical evaluation of the teachings, contribution to Indian culture
Perceptions of society through the eyes of the travellers
British economic policies in India (1757-1857 A.D.) : commercial policy, drain of wealth, development of means of transport and communication; revenue policy
Colonial cities - urbanization, planning and architecture
Political Science Part-A 11th class
Understanding political theory
Basic concepts
Indian constitution
Constitution at work-l
Constitution at work-ll
Political Science Part-B 12th class
Democracy in India
Democratic process in lndia-I
Democratic process in lndia-lI
India in world politics
Issues in international politics
Logic 11th class
Nature of logic
Nature, problems and procedure of induction: induction and deduction, primary and secondary induction, procedures of induction, problem of induction
Formal grounds of induction
Characteristics of Indian philosophy, jingoism
Logic 12th class
The theory of inference
Special rules of figures, anistotles diction direct and indirect reduction
Method of experimental enquiry
Nayaya theory of knowledge
Indian economy and statistics paper-I
Status of Indian economy
Sectoral development
Economic planning and economic reforms
Current challenges facing the Indian economy
Introductory statistics
Frequency distribution
Statistical methods -I
Statistical methods - II
Elementary micro and macro economics paper-II
Consumption and demand
Cost, revenue and supply
Introductory macro economics
National income
Money, banking and public finance
Statistics 11th class
Basic mathematics
Probability theory - I
Probability theory-II
Statistical methods-I
Statistical methods-II
Statistics 12th class
Statistical methods-III
Probability distributions
Sampling methods
Time series
Index numbers
Mathematics 11th class
Sets and functions
Co-ordinate geometry
Mathematical reasoning
Statistics and probability
Mathematics 12th class
Relations and functions and linear programming
Algebra and probability
Differential calculus
Integral calculus
Vector 3-D geometry
Sociology Paper- I
Sociology and its relationship
Basic concepts
Social institutions
Process, stratification and change
Sociology, methods and techniques
Sociology Paper- II
Introducing Indian society
Indian social structure
The challenges of cultural diversity
Social inequality, exclusion and movement
Change and development in India
Geography 12th class
Human geography: nature and scope
Human activities
Transport, communication and trade
Human settlements
People and economy
Resources and development
Transport, communication and international trade
Population, settlement, resources and transport of Odisha
Anthropology elective, 11th class
Definition and scope of anthropology, major branches of anthropology, inter relationship with other disciplines, (sociology, psychology, history, economics, political science, geology)
Primitive religion: definition & function of religion, theories of religion : animism and animatism
Definition and scope of physical anthropology branches of physical anthropology. man’s place in the animal kingdom, anatomical differences between ape and man
Anthropology elective, 12th class
Social organization
Physical anthropology
Indian prehistory
Psychology elective 11th class
What is psychology, methods used in psychology
Physiological bases of behavior, sensory and perceptual processes
Learning, human memory
Motivation and emotion, processes of thinking
Psychology in application 12th class
Life span development, self and personality
Stress : meeting life challenges, physical environment and behavior
Group processes and leadership, counseling processes
Psychological disorder, therapeutic approaches
Statistics in psychology
Education Elective Paper – I 11th class
Fundamentals of education
Fundamentals of educational psychology
Education and society
Methods of teaching
Education Elective Paper – II 12th class
Contribution of educators
Learning and motivation
Current issues in education
Educational statistics
Home science 11th class
Home management and first aid
Food and nutrition, health and hygiene
Textile and child development
Home science 12th class
Child care and adolescent development
Nutrition and physiology
Textile, money management, color combination
Industrial relations and personnel management (elective) 11th class
Industrial relations and trade unionism
Industrial disputes in India
Collective bargaining
Workers participation in management
Industrial relations and personnel management 12th class
Personnel management
Recruitment, selection and training
Labor welfare and social security
Statutory labor welfare measures with special reference to welfare, working hours and annual leave with wages under the factories act, 1948
Hindustani vocal music 11th class
Ragas: -bhupali, kafi, khamaj, alheiyabilawal, vrindabenisarang, desh, kalyan, asabari, bageshree, durga, bhimpalasi and bhairaba
Preliminary knowledge of writing notation of all the compositions of the prescribed ragas and talas of this year

Odisha CHSE 2020 Preparation Tips


The preparation tips help candidates to be ready for the Odisha CHSE 2020 exams and remain stress-free on the day. Some Odisha CHSE 12th exam preparation tips 2020 are given below, which aids the aspirants during the exam. 

  • Understand the Odisha CHSE 2020 exam pattern and marking scheme to devise a strategy to cover the topics. 
  • Make a timetable as per your individual comfort-zone and strong and weak areas and inculcate the same in your study-routine. 
  • Do not go beyond the recommended readings and textbooks of Odisha CHSE 12th class, unless absolutely necessary for the better understanding of a concept. This will prevent the candidates from deviating from their routine.
  • As per the Odisha CHSE preparation tips suggested by toppers and experts, a candidate should complete the targetted syllabus of Odisha CHSE 12th exam at least two months before the commencement of the examination. This will give candidates time to attempt mock tests and revise whatever is studied by them previously.
  • Do as many mock tests and previous year question papers for preparation of Odisha CHSE 12th examination. It is a proven strategy for the preparation of an exam.

Odisha CHSE 2020 Exam Pattern

The Odisha CHSE 2020 12th class board exam will be conducted in March 2020. Knowing the exam pattern of Odisha CHSE 12th helps students to prepare themselves better for the examination and streamline their studies.

  • The exam for most of the subjects of Odisha CHSE class 12th range from 2.5 to 3 hours. 
  • The subject which includes a practical exam, the total marks of 100 are divided into two 70 for theory and 30 for practical.
  • The total marks are 100 for the subjects which do not have any practical exams.
  • Odisha CHSE question papers aid the candidates to prepare for the exam. 
  • It makes the candidates aware of exam pattern, marking scheme, types and number of questions asked in the exam. 
  • So candidates should use previous year's questions papers to point out their strong and weak areas and work on areas by using where improvement is needed. 
  • The question papers of Odisha CHSE exams can be downloaded from the link given above.
  • They should try to solve these question papers in the stipulated time to increase their speed. 

Documents Required at Exam

  • Odisha CHSE 12th exam admit card
  • School ID card or any other valid government ID proof

Council of Higher Secondary Education will release the Odisha CHSE result 2020 in the online mode for Arts, Commerce and Science stream. Class 12 Science result of Odisha will be released in the first week of June 2020. Commerce and Arts result of Odisha CHSE 2020 will be announced in the third week of June 2020. The link to view Odisha 12th result 2020 is given above. To check the Odisha CHSE result 2020, candidates are required to enter their roll number and registration number. The Odisha CHSE 2020 scorecard mentions the candidate's name, mother's and father's name, roll number, details of the subjects appeared for the exam, marks obtained, grade, etc. A candidate obtaining a minimum of 30% in every subject and 33% in aggregate is declared to pass the exams of Odisha CHSE 2020.

How to Check Odisha CHSE 2020 Result?

  • Go to the official website of Odisha result.
  • Click on the link that says CHSE 2020 result.
  • Enter application number and registration number in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on submit button and Odisha CHSE 2020 result will open on the screen.
  • Take a screenshot or printout to use it later.

Qualifying Marks Trend

Year Category Cutoff
2019 General 30

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