NTSE Preparation: Time planning for answering each segment is crucial, says Girish Sachdev, Study Vault Director

NTSEPreparationTipsGirishStudyVaultNTSE, a national-level talent search examination administered by National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) centrally and by the state education departments in every state is aspired by a number of candidates across the country. The candidates would be looking for preparation tips to crack the NTSE (National Talent Search Examination). While candidates prepare for NTSE, they should be aware of the fact that merely qualifying at the first stage doesn’t let you secure everything. Candidates need to have a strong foundation so that they qualify the stage II of NTSE too. Careers360 brings you expert tips on NTSE preparation.

GirishSachdevStudyVaultGirish Sachdev, Director of Study Vault shares NTSE preparation tips with Careers360 where he speaks on how to begin the preparation for the scholarship examination. In this advisory piece of NTSE preparation article, the expert also specifies the important topics that need to be covered while preparing for NTSE. The Study Vault Director also speaks on importance of NCERT books and practicing through mock papers regularly.

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Excerpts below

Careers360: How to begin NTSE preparation?
Girish Sachdev: NTSE preparation is to start with its foundation classes from 9th class onward. A good understanding of concepts and related questions is a must. Start with understanding the pattern of questions asked in previous years, marking criteria and most importantly the timing.

Careers360: What is the complete syllabus of NTSE?
Girish Sachdev: The complete syllabus of Science and Mathematics of Class 9 and 10 as per NCERT curriculum along with General Science completes the NTSE syllabus. Also in this exam there is an English literature section (qualifying only) with Social Science up to grade 10. Mental Ability (Mathematical Reasoning) is a scoring portion for the examination.

Careers360: What are the important topics to be covered while preparing for NTSE?
Girish Sachdev: Mainly focus on topics covered by NCERT science and Mathematics. Also referring last year’s papers for important topics can be very helpful.

Careers360: How much NCERT books are helpful for NTSE preparation?
Girish Sachdev: NCERT books are relevant. But as an aspiring student, we must not ignore the opportunity to appear for tests prepared by an institute or an online source where a question bank is available or a proctored test can be given.

Careers360: How should one prepare for NTSE along with daily-studies/ classes?
Girish Sachdev: NTSE is a preparation for all in class Xth. We must not shy away from hiding our weaknesses but come out to destroy them early and make our strengths. Knowing the class Xth syllabus and that the boards are in March 2018, we will get enough time to integrate the preparation of class 9 syllabus along with class 10 syllabus.

Careers360: Are coaching guidance required for NTSE preparation?
Girish Sachdev: Yes. Coaching helps an aspiring student to get focused, prepare with a higher commitment, providing relevant feedback which is missed otherwise and most importantly to appear for mock tests to have an evaluation amongst the good runners for test.

Careers360: How can a candidate tackle the exam pressure this time?
Girish Sachdev: Pre – preparation with practice on mock tests and steady speed to tackle each question within the prescribed time frame can easy the exam pressure. Time planning for answering each segment becomes crucial.

Careers360: What if a candidate does not qualify NTSE?
Girish Sachdev: There are two stages to NTSE – I & II. Qualifying in Stage I gives you an opportunity to appear for Stage II. However, disqualifying in Stage I does not gives you any further opportunity to appear again. NTSE should not be the only goal to achieve in class 10 besides Boards. Infact, there are multiple opportunities for a student to appear for other relevant Olympiads like NSEJS, NSO, NSTSE having relevance to science and Mathematics subjects. RMO will have entire focus on Mathematics. A student must prepare with equal focus towards all sections – Mathematics & Mental Ability, Science, Social Science and English Literature.

First Published On : 02 Nov 2017 05:21 PM IST

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Who isthe first mark in TamilNADU at NTSE Exam


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I want to know how many mark obtained in ntse stage 1 exam 2018

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When the result for Tamilnadu ntse 2017 November will be declared

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There is no official updates regarding the ntse results of Tamil nadu but the results will be announced by the end of this month most probably . Keep yourself updated the link is provided below.https:...Read More

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Neither Maharashtra MSCE pune nor the Govt ntse cell has any clue on results. Pathetic

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Jasleen.  Is that an official update by MSCE. Because both msce and their NTS cell are silent on the dates

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When is Maharashtra going to declare 2018 NTSE stage 1 result

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According to our sourced their is not a particular date is decided so you have to wait may till 1st week of april the results most probably come in the starting of april.
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