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How Many Diagonals Does a Hexagon Have

How Many Diagonals Does a Hexagon Have

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A closed figure made up of lines is called a polygon. We can classify the polygon on the basis of the number of sides. The minimum number of sides of the polygon is three. A polygon has sides, faces, edges, and vertices. All polygons with different numbers of sides have different properties.


A two-dimensional closed figure with six sides is called a hexagon. The honeycomb is the next example of the nature of the hexagon shape. A hexagon has 6 sides, 6 vertices, 6 angles, and 6 faces. By adding six sides to the hexagon we can find the perimeter of the hexagon.

Types of Hexagon

The hexagon can be classified based on sides and on the basis of angles.

Hexagon on the basis of sides;

  • Irregular Hexagon

A hexagon with irregular sides is called an irregular hexagon. All angles and sides of irregular hexagons are not the same.

  • Regular Hexagon

A hexagon with regular sides is called a regular hexagon. All angles and sides of a regular hexagon are the same. Each angle is 60°.

Hexagon based on the side;

  • Convex Hexagon

A hexagon with vertices pointing in an outward direction is called a convex hexagon. All interior angles of the convex hexagon are less than 180°.

  • Concave Hexagon

A hexagon with at least one vertex pointing inward is called a concave hexagon. At least one e of the concave hexagon is more than 180°.

3. Diagonals

The opposite of the polygon is connected by the line called the diagonal. We can also say diagonals connect two non-adjacent sides of the polygons.

Diagnosis is the root word for the diagonal. Diagnosis is a Greek word that means angle to angle.

There is a common formula for finding the diagonal of all types of the polygon.

The formula for finding the diagonal is;


n is the number of the sides of the polygon.

Diagonal of the Hexagon

Hexagon has a six sides, so n=6


& (n^{^{2}}-3\times n)\div 2

\\&=(6^{^{2}}-3\times 6)\div 2




Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many edges does the hexagon have?

Hexagons have 6 edges.

2. What is the total sum of all the angles of the hexagon?

The sum of all the angles of the hexagon is 720°.

3. What is the line of symmetry of the regular hexagon?

Regular hexagon has 6 lines of symmetry.

4. Write the two properties of the pentagon.

The two properties of the hexagon;

  1. The Pentagon has five sides.

  2. The sum of all angles of the pentagon is 540°.

5. Name the polygon with eight sides.

Octagon has eight sides.

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