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How Many Days A Camel Can Live Without Water

How Many Days A Camel Can Live Without Water

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Camels can live six to seven months without drinking water during winter and during summer camels can live a week without water. Camels are iconic desert animals. It is known for its capability to repel the rugged terrain. In the desert, there is always only one season which is dryness and hot summer. It makes the people in the desert seek for water and they use it in lower quantities than the desired amount. So, there won’t be enough water to meet the requirements of animals. By evolution, the Camels adapted to the terrain and became friendly with the ecology to withstand the weather and dryness.

Evolution of Camel

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, every animal is evolved to fit into its environment. For example: Giraffes have evolved with their stretched neck to eat the branches which are in height.

  • Camels also have some natural special features to adapt to the desert climate. A camel has two eyelids to cover its eyes from sandy winds.

  • They have bases to easily walk on the sandy terrain.

  • The flat broad feet help them to walk without being submerged in the sand.

  • Camel’s lips are so thick that they can chew leaves, thorns and other vegetation without losing the moisture of their tongues. Once it swallows the food, three stomachs work on digesting it multiple times to extract all the potential nutrition.

Can Camels Survive Without Food?

Camels starve if it is hard to find food. In similar cases, it will use its body fats to survive.

  • Camels are naturally blessed with humps which serve as a storehouse of fats. Unlike other mammals, it has its entire body fat in the hump itself.

  • The fats are used while there is no proper food. While the fats are burning it receives enough strength and energy to continue their journey.

  • Even in this state, it is handed with the ability to travel 100 miles. During this process, the hump may shrink in size. Meanwhile, when it is managed to feast, it may retain its fat house. In those times the water in its stomach also helps it to repel the starving.

Can A Camel Live Without Both Water and Food?

It is also possible by this mystic animal. It could manage up to 10 to 15 days without water and food at a stretch. But it is not so long. So, if you want to survive in the desert, first be responsible for feeding the Camel. It could take water and energy from whatever it eats even from the dried plants which are available in the niche.

How Are Camel’s Internal Structure Helps it Conserve Water?

  • Actually, they have unique blood cells that run throughout their entire body including a few in the hump itself.

  • Blood cells of camels work like balloons which carry water in them. When it drinks water, the capillaries absorb water and swell.

  • The urinary system of Camels works amazingly by reabsorbing water.

  • This results in the concentrated excretion of camels. It helps the camel to withhold and retain from dehydration.


From this article, you came to know about the reasons for how long a camel could stand starving and stick to dryness. Its hump will shrink if it meets long-term starvation and almost loses its hump while stuck on a hectic journey. But it will be retained after proper days of meal and water. A thirsty camel can drink up to 200 litres of water in just a few minutes. But it does not mean that one should not drink water frequently. It is like a normal animal which could drink water in its daily diet. They urinate not very often like other mammals. Their poops are also dry. Thus, its body is naturally excreting very less water. Camels also sweat efficiently, as it evaporates beneath their fur for better cooling.

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