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Speech About Nature

Speech About Nature

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Nature is the place we live in. All humans, including me, rely on Nature constantly for everything. Because We cannot adequately express Nature's beauty in a single word or phrase, many people admire it and even compose books and poetry about it.

10 Line Speech About Nature

  1. Nature comprises both the biotic and abiotic elements of our natural surroundings. It gives us access to trees, water, and air, all of which are necessary for survival.

  2. The chirping of insects, the humming of bugs, and the rustling of leaves are signs of nature that calm our spirits and free our minds.

  3. Food comes primarily from nature; whether it's dairy, cereals, organic goods, or nuts, they're all products of mother nature.

  4. Nature is also the source of our clothing to protect our bodies from harsh weather conditions.

  5. Toxic pesticides should not be used to safeguard our plants, and we should promote adopting natural solutions and other eco-friendly instruments instead.

  6. The health of the community in which a person lives directly impacts that person's welfare.

  7. Nature is teeming with renewable and non-renewable resources vital to human existence.

  8. We can avoid needless emissions of hazardous gases from our vehicles by travelling a small distance on bicycles and protecting the environment.

  9. Nature has a great deal of value and meaning in human life. We require pure water, clean air, and the earth to protect our lives. Human life is solely dependent on nature.

  10. We now see that if we don't halt the destruction of nature, it will test human endurance due to nature's violent response during the past few years.

Short Speech About Nature

As I walk across the earth,

thousands of things I get to see.

Birds fly high, soaring higher,

and on the flowers, I hear the buzz of bees.

-Shweta Banerjee

Nature is one of the incredible blessings that the world has to offer. Nature is made up of things like the beautiful sound of birds singing, the changing seasons, the blessed morning and evening, the light from rivers, thunderstorms, floods, glaciers, mountains, and other things. In reality, humans will never be able to comprehend the variety and blessings of nature fully.

Unfortunately, Nature has suffered a great deal of damage at the hands of humankind. Over the past hundred years or more, humanity has damaged and destroyed Nature in various ways. The development of industrial and modern society has had a negative impact on the rhythm and flow of nature.

Beautiful forests have been destroyed, rivers have been polluted, and factories and structures have consumed huge open fields due to destruction and cruelty. We put Nature through difficulties by engaging in practices like killing animals, felling trees, producing poisonous gases, and polluting rivers. In addition to harming the environment, manufacturers' releases of toxic gases into the air and chemicals into the water impact aquatic life and its natural resources. For the sake of society's advancement, cutting down trees and flattening mountains only adds fuel to the fire.

Henry David Thoreau rightly quoted, "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads". It's time for us to realise that we must leave the world in the same condition that we found it in for the future generation.

Long Speech About Nature

Nature is the mother of everyone, as it assists our ability to maintain life. Despite the significance of nature in human life, we are merely disturbing its balance because of our greed. When human knowledge was inferior to that of animals millions of years ago. The man at that period relied only on nature for all of his needs. Even now, at the height of knowledge, only nature can satisfy our needs. Everything we need comes from Nature.

Pleasant morning, with lovely bird humming and cloudy skies; nature is extraordinary in its way. The three essential elements of life, air, water, and land, come from nature. Nature offers a place to live with the joy of natural resources for all living things on earth, including humans, animals, and other species.

Gift Of God- Nature

We have the power to use Nature wisely so that everyone receives what they deserve. We must preserve this God-gifted natural beauty for the sake of future generations. The purest path to inner peace is found in Nature. Everything we use comes from Nature, including furniture, clothing, and devices. Even the paper we use daily to write on is a creation of Nature. We all depend on Nature in some way to meet our requirements. Given to us as a gift, Nature safeguards the many billions of living things on earth. It provides us with trees, which are the lungs of the planet.

But things are now changing. Polar ice caps are melting, the water level is rising, the ozone layer is depleting, the temperatures are rising, and so on. People throughout the world will blame the problem on the use of fossil fuels, pollution, deforestation, etc. There is no doubt that technology is advancing for humanity. We benefit significantly from inventions but also pay the price for them.

Our planet is undergoing numerous damaging actions, causing the river sources to dry up, flora to die, and species to exhaust. Global warming is currently the most significant issue the planet is facing.

Even while governments are using various strategies to protect the environment, people must also step up and do their part. Everyone must plant trees, limit paper use, and stop wasting water and electricity. Not only that, but we also need to stop practices like hunting animals. Additionally, we must implement rainwater harvesting systems. If each of us makes a small contribution, the difference for Nature will be huge. Every living thing is crucial to the preservation of Nature.

Story Of Sunderlal Bahuguna

One of the oldest environmentalists still alive, Sunderlal Bahuguna, is 92 years old. He is a follower of Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha and Non-violence philosophies and was the founder of the well-known Chipko movement. He is a true superhero who has dedicated his entire life to defending the Himalayan woods. In the 1970s, he initially belonged to the Chipko movement. Later, he participated in the 1980s-era Anti-Tehri Dam agitation, which concluded in early 2004. On January 26, 2009, he received the Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian honour in India.

At the same time, we are doing nothing to make up for the loss. Friends, allow me to be honest with you. The environment is in danger. Believe it or not, future generations will not be able to live in our world. We have been wasting Nature and its abundance for our material gain without realising that its destruction would end human existence.

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