Career as a Project Manager - Understanding the intricacies of a project
With industries increasingly moving towards management by projects, this field is attracting students as well as executives who want to hone their management skills to face new challenges. Click here to know more about a career as a project manager.
Career as an Interpreter and Translator - Communicating at the next level
Interested in language and translations? Interpreters and translators are some of the most promising careers around the world. Click here to know about making a career as an interpreter and translator.
Career as Mental Health Counsellor - Making sense of the world around and within
Career as a mental health counsellor lets you explore thoughts, emotions and behaviours to help people make sense of the world around them and within them. How to make a career as a mental health counsellor?
Career as Dental Hygienist - Adding sparkle to a smile
With more people becoming aware and taking care of their oral health, career as dental hygienists is seeing a high demand in the coming years. Click here to know more about making career as a dental hygienist.
Career as Digital Architect - Spearheading digital strategies
A digital architect is a person who is at the forefront while driving a company’s goals, by using various digital technologies. Read here about making career as digital architect that offers salary significantly higher than the western countries.
Career as an Investment Banker - Lynchpins of big funding
Let’s know what goes into becoming an investment banker, a lucrative profession, besides hard work and determination. Click here to know more about making career as an investment banker.
Career as Social Media Manager - handle crisis or help in business growth
Social media managers guide the social media presence of a company, brand or an individual. What all goes into the making of a highly competent social media manager? Click here to know more.
Career as Information Security Analyst - Protecting what’s on the net
Information Security Analyst are essential to a digital ecosystem like India. In line with boom in online services, there have been various incidents of data theft or profiles been hacked online, leading to a dire need for information security analysts. Click here to know more about making a career ..
Career as a School Teacher - The noble profession of a teacher
Remember your favourite teacher in school? Do you wish to become like her/him? What does a career as a teacher promise to those who want to take up this noble profession? Let’s find out.
Career as Growth Hacker - Hacking their way to the top
Growth hacking is one of the highest paying and the fastest growing marketing jobs today. When start-ups need instant expansion, growth hackers step in, helping them achieve their business goals.


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