No illiterate in India in next 5 years, says Prakash Javadekar

No illiterate in India in next 5 yearsThere will be no illiterates in India in next five years and this will be accomplished in a ‘new’ way, said the Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar. The minister went on to say that priority of the government is to improve the quality of education and for that they are focusing on the learning outcomes of schools. Javadekar was speaking at the inaugural function of the Festival of Education in Jaipur jointly organised by Rajasthan Government and GEMS Education.


The Union HRD Minister said, “There will be no illiterates in India in next five years and this will be done in an innovative manner in which we will train the students in our schools to teach their parents, grandparents.”


Speaking about the ‘No detention Policy’, which has been recently scrapped by the centre Javadekar said, “Due to no detention policy nearly 20 per cent of the students were dropping out in the 9th class and year on year there has been 4 per cent reduction in enrolment in the government schools. Now there will be exams in schools at 5th and 8th standards and the students will also get two attempts. The first attempt will be in March and the second in May.”  


Addressing the festival, Prakash Javdekar said that the countries focusing on research and innovation excel in the world. Prosperity based on natural resourced had its own constraints of time and only innovations and adaptations could make it everlasting.


“We are improving the quality of public schools so that both public and private schools would compete and this would improve the quality of education in country,” he said.


Praising the state government's efforts for making school education useful and relevant in Rajasthan, he said that these ideas were being followed by the other states. He added that improving in quality of education could ensure development of the country and in recent past the entire nation had discussed and debated to reduce the gap of an academic degree and a certificate of skill.


Speaking about the higher education the minister said that recently the Lok Sabha has approved the IIM Bill and this will give them more autonomy as it is must to establish world class institution and for that more autonomy will be given to higher education institutions. The government is also working to establish 20 World Class University.


Amreesh Chandra, Group President, GEMS Education, India said, “We are proud to present the Festival of Education. An initiative powered by GEMS for the Government of Rajasthan that is aimed at taking the education ecosystem of the country to the next level. India is now the new intellectual capital of the world and within that Rajasthan is poised to be the knowledge hub.”


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