Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020
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Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020: Maharashtra State Board releases MAHASSC syllabus 2020 for the convenience of students. Around 99 subjects including regular and elective both are taught to the students. Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 includes detailed information about the important topics and marking scheme of the prescribed subjects. Students can download the SSC syllabus in the form of pdf for free. Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 for all the subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Social Science, etc are available in this article. Students should study according to the prescribed syllabus to score high and gain quality knowledge in Maharashtra SSC exam.

It is very essential to follow the syllabus to understand the important topics and score high marks. The syllabus is prepared on the guidelines of the Maharashtra Board and planned as per student’s mental level. Read the article below to download the entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board SSC syllabus 2020.

Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 for English

The detailed MAHASSC syllabus for English is tabulated below:


Important Topics




Grammar-revision of grammatical items studied up to Std VIII

Different kinds of sentences-simple, compound, complex

The tenses-continuous, present perfect, past perfect, future with will/shall and going to




Reported speech


Go through the marking scheme of SSC English in the table below to know the exam pattern in a more specific manner:

Reading skill (textual and non-textual)




Writing skill


Oral test


Maharashtra Board 10th Syllabus 2020 for Science

Refer to the table below to know the Maharashtra SSC syllabus for Science along with the important topics.


Unit name

Important Topics



  1. Acids and Bases

  2. Chemical Reactions

  3. Oxidation and Reduction

  4. Metals and Non-metals

  5. Carbon Compounds

The World of Living

  1. Life Processes

  2. Control in the Living

  3. Reproduction in the Living

  4. Heredity and Evolution

Moving Things

  1. Electric Circuits

  2. Magnets

Natural Phenomena

  1. Light

  2. Spherical Mirrors

  3. Refraction

  4. Lenses


  1. Types of Pollution

  2. Sources of Pollution and Major Pollutants

  3. Effect of Pollution on the Environment

  4. Abatement of Pollution

Striving for a Better Environment

  1. Use of efficient and eco-friendly technology

  2. Sustainable Use of Resources

  3. Enforcement of acts, Laws, and Policies

Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 for Maths

The detailed syllabus for Class 10th Maths is tabulated below. Go through the same and prepare for the exam in a planned way.



Important topics



Arithmetic Progression

Introduction to Sequence, Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) and Geometric Progression (G.P.), General term of an A.P. and G.P., Sum of the first 'n' terms of an A.P. and G.P

Quadratic Equations

Introduction to quadratic equations, Solutions of quadratic equations, Nature of roots based on discriminant, Relation between roots of the equation and coefficient of the terms in the equation Equations reducible to a quadratic form

Linear equations in two variables

System of linear equations in two variables, Algebraic methods of solving linear equations in two variables, Graphical representation of different possibilities of solutions/Inconsistency, Graphical method of solving a system of linear equations, Determinant of order two.


Introduction to probability and related terms, Classical definition of probability, Types of events, Equally likely outcomes, Probability of an event, Properties of Probability


Brief revision of Tabulation of data, inclusive and exclusive type of tables, Mean, median and mode of grouped data, Histograms, frequency polygon, frequency curve, pie diagram, Ogives (Cumulative frequency graphs), Applications of ogives in the determination of median, Relation between measures of central tendency, Introduction to normal distribution



Important Topics


Properties of ratios of areas of two triangles, Basic proportionality theorem, Introduction to similarity, Similar triangles, Areas of two similar triangles, Similarity in right-angled triangles, Pythagoras theorem and its converse.


Tangents and its properties, Theorem - Tangent at any point to the circle is perpendicular to the radius and its converse, Number of tangents from a point to a circle, Theorem- The length of two tangent segments drawn from a point outside the circle are equal, Touching circles

Coordinate Geometry

Slope of a line, Intercepts made by a line, Standard forms of equation of a line, General equation of a line.

Geometric Constructions

Construction of tangent to the circle from the point on the circle and outside the circle. · Construction of tangent without using centre · Construction of triangle If the base, angle apposite to it and either median altitude is given · Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle


Angles in standard position, Trigonometric ratios in terms of coordinates of a point, Trigonometric Identities (with proof), Use of basic identities and their applications, Problems on height and distance


Length of an arc, Area of the sector, Area of a Circular Segment, Euler's formula, Surface area and volume of cuboids Spheres, hemispheres, right circular cylinders cones, frustum of a cone, Problems based on areas and perimeter/circumference of circle, sector and segment of a circle.

Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 for Social Science:

Find below the syllabus of History, Political Science, Geography and Economics along with the important topics below.



Important Topic



a) Geographical discoveries and colonization

b) Asia: India, China, Japan

c) Africa

20th Century Age of conflict

a) First world war

b) Russian Revolution

c) The League of Nations

d) Dictatorships in Europe, Second World War and world

e) United Nations Organization

Emancipation of Asia and Africa

a) Asia

b) Africa

World after World War II

a) Cold war

b) Scientific and Technological Progress

c) Globalization

Political Science

Chapters -

1) Democracy Meaning, Types and characteristics

2) Political Parties and types Meaning, Need, Types of Political Parties - National and Regional.

3) Social Diversity and Democracy, What is social diversity?

i) Caste/race and Democracy

ii) Language and Democracy

iii) Religion and Democracy

iv) Gender and Democracy

4) Challenges to Democracy Remedial measures to the challenges

5) Internal work



Important Topics

Physical Divisions of India

Identification of Physical divisions

North Indian Mountains

Himalayas, Associated mountains

North Indian Plain Region

Deserts, Western Plains, Central Plains, Eastern Plains, Delta region

Peninsular Plateau Region

Malwa Plateau, Chhota Nagpur Plateau, Maharashtra Plateau, Karnataka Plateau, Telangana Plateau

The Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats

Sahyadries, Eastern Ghats

Coastal Region

Eastern coastal plain, Western coastal plain

Indian Islands

Western Islands, Eastern Islands


One dimensional diagram, Two-dimensional diagrams



1) Introduction of an Economy-What is an economy?, Types of Economy, Main features of Economy.

2) Basic problems of an economy solution.

3) Public distribution system & consumer protection- Introduction, Public Distribution system - meaning & explanation, Objectives of P.D.S., Progress of P.D.S., Drawbacks of P.D.S., Remedial Measures, Consumer Protection - Rights & duties of consumer, food adulteration.

Click here to download the entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020. There are some additional languages prescribed by the board whose syllabus is mentioned in detail in the above-provided link.

Preparation tips for Maharashtra Board SSC 2020

Students must go through the essential tips and tricks to crack the Maharashtra Board SSC exam. Following the syllabus will let the students gain good marks and attain knowledge at the same time.

  • It must be noted that Maharashtra SSC Question Papers must be solved to get familiar with the questions frequently asked.

  • Refer to the Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020 and stick to the exam pattern religiously. This will help the students to acquaint with the course structure.

  • Students should go through Maharashtra SSC time table 2020 in order to pay attention to the subjects which are scheduled early in the time table.

  • All the important topics should be read and noted down, in brief, to keep it handy and revise the same at any time.

  • It should also be remembered that clearing the basic concepts is very essential. This will help the students to understand the logics behind every topic and not simply mug them up which will help them to score high marks in Maharashtra SSC Result 2020.

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i am unable to cope up in science what to do?🤔

Shivani 20th Feb, 2020


Firstly i would like to tell you is Believe in yourself.

Next is that if  you have option of changing your stream now I would recommend you to figure out in which stream you are interested in and than further talking it out with your parents.

If you are interested in science stream and as off now you are not able to cope up . I would like to suggest you to be regular with your study.Keep trying.

make a schedule for yourself , allocate time to each and every subject you have.

you can start with the topic you like first this will motivate you for studying further topics.



On my ssc/hsc certificates, my name is written in the following format : <surname> <name> <fathers name>; While on my photo id its like this: <name> <fathers name> <surname>... But the form of mh-mba-cet asks to write the name exactly as it is on the docs, without clearly specifying which docs, wha

Apoorva Student Expert 8th Feb, 2020

Hello dear student,

Your 10th marksheet is usually considered everywhere. So if there is no mistake in your class 10th marksheet and you want to get it evaluated or get it corrected. So give the details of your class 10th marksheet. I hope this was helpful for you

Best wishes


How many marks include of intermidiate exam in ssc board result 2020

Sonali Sahu Student Expert 4th Feb, 2020


Intermediate exam is appeared by a students after SSC exam is cleared. SSC is matriculation and intermediate is +2 2nd year exam.

No weightage is given to other year chapter or performance. +2 percentage is calculated as how you perform in the practical and  theory paper in board exam. This will decide your percentage. there is no other consideration.

Hope it helps!


where can i find balbharati papers for 2020 SSC exams?

Shudhanshu Gupta Student Expert 25th Jan, 2020
you can have previous year question papers for it, but it will be quite difficult to provide you the latest question paper so you can find it easily by searching some of the keywords on Google that are given below: "balbharti SSC question papers"
The very first link will give you the best result.
Best of luck.
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